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Gifts for running with dogs

Gifts for running with dogs

Canicross is a sport all dogs and owners can do at some level. Running with your dog can be the biggest motivator to begin participating in sports! All you need to get started is a pulling-harness, an elastic line, a running belt and a pair of good running shoes.


Your dog can’t choose its own harness; therefore, it is important that you find the right one for him or her. The Freemotion harness is specifically designed for activities with a high pulling point, such as canicross. This pulling-harness allows your dog’s shoulders to move freely and provides minimal breath constraint thanks to the Y-shape. This running harness for dogs has been used to win championships several times, but it is still a harness for everyone. It is available in sizes from 2-10, and can be adjusted for optimized fit.

Running belt

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Running with dogs can be hard on your body. A canicross belt that fits well and preferably pulls from the pelvis area or under your bottom is recommended. The CaniX belt was developed along with the best athletes in canicross to enhance your performance. Its unique construction features maximum safety for your back, which also helps to maintain a good running style. This belt is also super light, made with a breathable mesh for your comfort in any temperature.

Running line

When doing canicross you are connected to your dog with a line. This line should be elastic to absorb shock, providing comfort and being gentle to both your and your dog’s back. The Bungee leash is developed specifically for sports like canicross. If you have a smaller dog, the light Touring bungee with a softer elastic part is ideal. The two-meter length is perfect for canicross.

Start doing a training program

If you want to get fit together and get better at canicross, you can start a canicross-specific training program. A strong body is essential when doing canicross at any level to avoid pain or injuries. Our dogs are always pulling our core away from the position we would normally run in. To strengthen your body and enhance performance you can start with basic exercises for canicross athletes. Gradually building up your dog’s strength and endurance is also important. You can learn more about how to train for a canicross competition in this article.

Participate in a virtual run

With most events being canceled because of Covid-19, participating in a virtual competition can be a nice goal to train towards. If you have never competed before, it can also be a nice introduction to the sport. Virtual runs can be done from the comfort of familiar surroundings, anywhere in the world, without the stress of other dogs and people. We have created an overview of virtual runs and competitions within several sports.

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