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The founding members of Non-stop dogwear AS, Kristoffer Grøtan Olsen, Tonje Wahl Evensen, Sebastian Plur Nilssen, and Fredrik Skjøldt.

The story

Oslo, Norway 2006: Our dog at that time, Hårek, was one of the most talented dogs competing in skijoring. Early on, he showed great potential. While free running, he ran like a cheetah; smooth and gracious. In a harness, though, he showed signs of breathing difficulties. Also, his movement was restricted. The harness limited his usually easy and efficient running style. We were searching and trying different sorts of existing gear, but all seemed to limit his movement and respiration. We had to come up with a solution that would let Hårek release his true and full potential without affecting him and his breathing.

Since no harnesses at that time seemed to fit Hårek, we had to invent our own. We started to sew. Diving into an art stretching as far back as the early native Americans from the north. Although we had some challenges during the process, we began to see advancements in what had been problems. We went back and forth, sewing and testing. The result was what is now called the Freemotion harness. A harness that gives the dog free movement and respiration while running and pulling.

Seeing Hårek able to run in a harness in the same way he ran free was a moment of unexplainable joy. We knew that we had to share the excitement and connection we felt with other owners and their dogs.

This is the story of the earliest days of Non-stop dogwear. A story from its infancy, but with a vision for the future, to "release your dog's potential." With this as our foundation, we always take the dog's perspective and needs when developing new products. Always!

Non-stop dogwear was founded in Norway, 2009. Today Non-stop dogwear develops, designs, and sells dog equipment worldwide. Currently, you can find our products in over 1.300 stores in 27 countries. In addition to that, our importers give us a presence in several nations.

A young team runs the mother company out of the village Brøttum, Norway. This young and energetic team is continuously refining existing products and developing new solutions to problems faced by pet owners worldwide.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the passion, and the eye for developing innovative products from a dog's perspective. Staying loyal to this, we partner with the most experienced athletes and professionals from across the world to create products of the highest quality and functionality.

Across all breeds, all activities, and all settings, we strive to be the best facilitator of equipment. Whether you want to shave off seconds in a race or walk for days in the mountains, our equipment will maximize the activity.

Our purpose is narrowed down to one sentence; "Release your dog's potential." This sentence reminds us WHY we do what we do - why we strive to make the best dog equipment. We want to help you and your dog to "release the potential".


The office

The timber walls are the same as when the barn was built in 1820, but the building was renewed completely when the founders of Non-stop dogwear moved to Thorstad in spring 2012. Now, top-quality dog gear is developed and distributed from the office by the woods in Brøttum, Norway, to the whole world.

Many suspect they are driving up a dead end when visiting our office for the first time. They might have pictured this international company being located in a big, urban building. In reality, it is just a small cabin in the countryside - just the way we like it.

During the development process, the products we make can be tested right outside our doorstep. Ski tracks are crossing the field, and on the paths that surround us, we can go for hours without seeing cars or people. Conditions are perfect for a life with dogs, and that is life as the employees at Non-stop dogwear knows it. Dogs are welcome to join us at work, of course. Lunch walks with the dogs or a training session after work happens regularly.

You will often see lights in the windows at all times of the day - even very early or late. The young, enthusiastic team that works here does not look at their watches when they are close to finding smart solutions for tomorrow's dog gear.

The founders of Non-stop dogwear, Tonje and Kristoffer, lives in the main house. Only a few steps separates their home from their work, but they like it this way.

For us, this has become a lifestyle.

In the farmyard, there are several little houses and a stabbur, an old Scandinavian farm building on stilts used as a storage for food. Here some of the employees live, part- or full time.

We almost have our own society up here.

Today, nearly 20 people are working at the office. In the beginning, there were three.

We bought Thorstad because everything was perfect for an active life with dogs.

Tonje and Kristoffer were also looking for a place with room for an office for their brand new business. Thorstad had it all.

The old barn was nothing more than a skeleton in lousy condition, but could still be used for something. Kristoffer is a carpenter and knew exactly what needed to do. He started with the room that had been used as a dog room for two generations. That part of the building got transformed into the first office space. Later, the office was expanded with a second floor, in addition to a meeting- and break room. The old timber walls are preserved. That creates a lovely atmosphere. The logs used to keep the building up was cut down and prepared by hand in the woods by the office.

Non-stop dogwear has grown steadily throughout the years. So has our office. Today, the teams are filling up two floors, but the unique atmosphere, the soul and spirit of our company, remains.

Our values

Our goal is to facilitate and encourage an active life together

Animal welfare is the priority when we make dog gear. Comfortable and functional equipment that does not limit the dog was the outset and reason why we created Non-stop dogwear. Only the best is good enough for our four-legged friends.

Our goal is to facilitate and encourage an active life together. We know that an active dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a happy owner!

We require our athletes and partners to treat their dogs well when it comes to all aspects of their lives; health, training methods, and animal welfare in general.

Sustainability is also essential for us. That is why we focus on making durable gear out of environmentally friendly materials. We want the pawprint we leave on this planet to be as tiny as possible.

At the same time, we recognize that our business activities may result in adverse impacts related to corporate governance, workers, human rights, the environment, bribery, and consumers.

Our Responsible Business Conduct Policy is an expression of our commitment to ethical values. It provides the framework for our continued commitment to ensuring good corporate governance and that human and labor rights as well as the environment, are respected in our own business operations, as well as in the operations of our suppliers and other business relationships.

Our production process

Nothing is left to chance when our product developers are creating the dog gear of the future. Every single detail is thought through and thoroughly tested before launching a product.

The process from idea to finished product usually takes two years.

The athletes and communities we cooperate with will often give us ideas for new products or upgrades to existing ones. We are thankful for all the feedback we can get, says the mastermind behind much of our gear, Product development & production manager Sebastian Plur Nilssen.

He has been a part of Non-stop dogwear since the beginning. He has a unique ability to find creative and functional solutions that makes everyday life easier for dog owners - and life as a dog even better. To Sebastian, product development is more than a job. It is a lifestyle.

I think our subconscious minds are working 24/7. The best ideas often appear right before I am falling asleep, or the moment I wake up, product designer Sigbjørn Kristiansen Næss adds.

Both have years of experience with dogs through hiking and expeditions. They know the importance of solid gear that does not break or fail. This first-hand knowledge they have in mind when new ideas find the way to the drawing board. Then, the team has to find the right materials. Different products require different properties of materials. These choices we make in partnership with our production sites.

We mainly manufacture in Asia. Our production sites have high expertise in textiles. I visit the factories four to five times a year, and it is always beneficial. All facilities have ISO-9001 standards, meaning they have a high standard and good working conditions. Production and quality reflects this.

When the prototype is ready, it is time to test the product.

We have an excellent team helping us test prototypes. This group consists of professional athletes as well as everyday active dog owners from Norway and abroad. Thanks to them, we get to see how the products will work within various activities and breeds over time. That way, we can see if anything needs improvement before we put it into production, Sigbjørn says.

In the final stages, the sales team is usually eager to release the product to the market.

They want it out as soon as possible. It is great that both colleagues and customers are excited about what we are working on.

Product development is a continuous process.

We have several new products evolving at all times, parallel with upgrading existing ones. It is a demanding but fascinating job. Releasing a new product to the market is always amusing!

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