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For humans



Trail light jacket women's
Trail light jacket women'sNOK 3,499.00
Trail light jacket men's
Trail light jacket men'sNOK 3,499.00
Best seller
CaniX belt
CaniX beltNOK 1,049.00
CaniX belt pro
CaniX belt proNOK 1,199.00
Løype belt
Løype beltNOK 1,299.00
Trail isolator jacket men's
Trail isolator jacket men'sNOK 2,999.00
Trail isolator jacket women's
Trail isolator jacket women'sNOK 2,999.00
Trekking belt 2.0
Trekking belt 2.0NOK 949.00
Tundra anojakka 2.0
Tundra anojakka 2.0NOK 6,499.00
CaniX twin shorts men's
CaniX twin shorts men'sNOK 759.00
CaniX twin shorts women's
CaniX twin shorts women'sNOK 759.00
Canix tech tee men's
Canix tech tee men'sNOK 569.00
Canix tech tee women's
Canix tech tee women'sNOK 569.00
Dog training vest
Dog training vestNOK 1,099.00
Forest anojakka 2.0
Forest anojakka 2.0NOK 6,499.00
CaniX long tights men's
CaniX long tights men'sNOK 849.00
CaniX long tights women's
CaniX long tights women'sNOK 849.00
Ferd belt
Ferd beltNOK 1,299.00
HeadbandNOK 209.00
Baggy bag 2.0
Baggy bag 2.0NOK 149.00
Trekking belt
Trekking beltNOK 899.00
MultiscarfNOK 99.00
Wool beanie
Wool beanieNOK 499.00
Arctic Votta
Arctic VottaNOK 1,599.00
BeanieNOK 269.00
BackpackNOK 899.00
Arctic jakka pro
Arctic jakka proNOK 6,499.00
Arctic jakka pro+
Arctic jakka pro+NOK 7,499.00
Belt bag
Belt bagNOK 569.00
Ferd belt bag
Ferd belt bagNOK 569.00
Musher depot bag
Musher depot bagNOK 299.00
Musher checkpoint bag
Musher checkpoint bagNOK 999.00
Trekking belt bag
Trekking belt bagNOK 569.00
Gift card
Gift cardNOK 250.00 - NOK 1,000.00
RacesuitNOK 1,999.00
Arctic buksa
Arctic buksaNOK 4,799.00
CaniX short tights men's
CaniX short tights men'sNOK 649.00
CaniX short tights women's
CaniX short tights women'sNOK 649.00
drirelease® t-shirt men's
drirelease® t-shirt men'sNOK 499.00
drirelease® t-shirt women's
drirelease® t-shirt women'sNOK 499.00
CaniX wool socks
CaniX wool socksNOK 159.00
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt men’s
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt men’sNOK 639.00
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt women’s
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt women’sNOK 639.00
CaniX socks
CaniX socksNOK 109.00
Shoulder straps
Shoulder strapsNOK 150.00
Ferd belt leg strap
Ferd belt leg strapNOK 80.00
Trekking belt leg strap
Trekking belt leg strapNOK 90.00
Aluminum buckle for Canix belt/Løype belt
Aluminum buckle for Canix belt/Løype beltNOK 80.00
Ferd belt front piece buckle
Ferd belt front piece buckleNOK 80.00
Aluminum buckle for Løype belt leg straps
Aluminum buckle for Løype belt leg strapsNOK 80.00
Rock kit
Rock kitNOK 1,877.00
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