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For humans

For humans



Best seller
Freemotion harness 5.0
Freemotion harness 5.0NOK 1,199.00
Trail light jacket women's
Trail light jacket women'sNOK 3,499.00
Trail light jacket men's
Trail light jacket men'sNOK 3,499.00
Best seller
Protector life jacket
Protector life jacketNOK 1,499.00 - NOK 1,699.00
Freemotion harness 5.0 - limited edition
Freemotion harness 5.0 - limited editionNOK 1,299.00
Freemotion harness
Freemotion harnessNOK 999.00
Best seller
CaniX belt
CaniX beltNOK 1,049.00
CaniX belt pro
CaniX belt proNOK 1,199.00
Løype belt
Løype beltNOK 1,299.00
Trail isolator jacket women's
Trail isolator jacket women'sNOK 2,999.00
Trail isolator jacket men's
Trail isolator jacket men'sNOK 2,999.00
Best seller
Bungee leash
Bungee leashNOK 599.00 - NOK 699.00
Rock harness long
Rock harness longNOK 1,199.00
Safe life jacket 2.0
Safe life jacket 2.0NOK 1,249.00 - NOK 1,499.00
Trekking belt 2.0
Trekking belt 2.0NOK 949.00
Rock harness
Rock harnessNOK 929.00
Tundra anojakka 2.0
Tundra anojakka 2.0NOK 6,499.00
Best seller
Fjord raincoat
Fjord raincoatNOK 959.00 - NOK 1,019.00
Trail light dog jacket
Trail light dog jacketNOK 1,099.00
Line harness 5.0
Line harness 5.0NOK 749.00
Bike antenna
Bike antennaNOK 669.00
CaniX twin shorts women's
CaniX twin shorts women'sNOK 759.00
Amundsen pack
Amundsen packNOK 2,199.00
CaniX twin shorts men's
CaniX twin shorts men'sNOK 759.00
Rock adjustable collar
Rock adjustable collarNOK 399.00
Canix tech tee men's
Canix tech tee men'sNOK 569.00
Forest anojakka 2.0
Forest anojakka 2.0NOK 6,499.00
Canix tech tee women's
Canix tech tee women'sNOK 569.00
Cruise collar
Cruise collarNOK 339.00
Dog training vest
Dog training vestNOK 1,099.00
Tumble collar
Tumble collarNOK 219.00
Protector snow
Protector snowNOK 899.00
Glacier jacket 2.0
Glacier jacket 2.0NOK 1,219.00 - NOK 1,369.00
Move leash
Move leashNOK 349.00 - NOK 409.00
CaniX long tights men's
CaniX long tights men'sNOK 849.00
CaniX long tights women's
CaniX long tights women'sNOK 849.00
Ramble harness
Ramble harnessNOK 799.00
Roam collar
Roam collarNOK 349.00
Combined harness
Combined harnessNOK 1,199.00
Friction long line
Friction long lineNOK 649.00 - NOK 749.00
Ferd belt
Ferd beltNOK 1,299.00
Safe collar
Safe collarNOK 349.00
Ly sleeping bag
Ly sleeping bagNOK 1,279.00
Line harness grip
Line harness gripNOK 799.00
Baggy bag 2.0
Baggy bag 2.0NOK 149.00
Nansen nome harness 5.0
Nansen nome harness 5.0NOK 729.00
Protector bootie
Protector bootieNOK 379.00
HeadbandNOK 209.00
Glacier wool jacket 2.0
Glacier wool jacket 2.0NOK 1,369.00 - NOK 1,479.00
Trekking belt
Trekking beltNOK 899.00
MultiscarfNOK 99.00
Long distance jacket
Long distance jacketNOK 999.00
Wool beanie
Wool beanieNOK 499.00
Blest jacket
Blest jacketNOK 1,069.00
Bike antenna KLICKfix
Bike antenna KLICKfixNOK 1,099.00
Protector vest GPS
Protector vest GPSNOK 929.00
Arctic Votta
Arctic VottaNOK 1,599.00
Touring bungee
Touring bungeeNOK 399.00 - NOK 599.00
Nansen stick harness
Nansen stick harnessNOK 999.00
Camo cover
Camo coverNOK 549.00
Reflection blanket
Reflection blanketNOK 349.00
Protector cover
Protector coverNOK 539.00
BeanieNOK 269.00
Rock adjustable leash
Rock adjustable leashNOK 549.00
Rock leash
Rock leashNOK 449.00
Protector vest
Protector vestNOK 829.00
Rock collar
Rock collarNOK 329.00
Arctic jakka pro
Arctic jakka proNOK 6,499.00
Bungee leash double
Bungee leash doubleNOK 949.00
BackpackNOK 899.00
Arctic jakka pro+
Arctic jakka pro+NOK 7,499.00
Belt bag
Belt bagNOK 569.00
Protector t-shirt
Protector t-shirtNOK 389.00
CaniX kit
CaniX kitNOK 2,847.00
Replacement end-rope
Replacement end-ropeNOK 10.00
Bike antenna screw
Bike antenna screwNOK 10.00
Polar collar
Polar collarNOK 329.00
Arctic buksa
Arctic buksaNOK 4,799.00
Musher checkpoint bag
Musher checkpoint bagNOK 999.00
Harness buckle
Harness buckleNOK 40.00
White fish omega-3
White fish omega-3NOK 199.00 - NOK 289.00
CaniX belt front piece
CaniX belt front pieceNOK 149.00
Replacement backstrap
Replacement backstrapNOK 69.00
Shoulder straps
Shoulder strapsNOK 150.00
Puppy kit
Puppy kitNOK 1,367.00
Aluminum buckle for Løype belt leg straps
Aluminum buckle for Løype belt leg strapsNOK 80.00
Rock kitNOK 1,877.00
drirelease® t-shirt women's
drirelease® t-shirt women'sNOK 499.00
Ferd belt front piece buckle
Ferd belt front piece buckleNOK 80.00
Polypro collar
Polypro collarNOK 159.00
Solid socks
Solid socksNOK 219.00
Long distance bootie
Long distance bootieNOK 159.00 - NOK 2,349.00
Trekking belt bag
Trekking belt bagNOK 569.00
CaniX short tights women's
CaniX short tights women'sNOK 649.00
Dog backpacking kit
Dog backpacking kitNOK 3,028.00
Biking kit
Biking kitNOK 2,527.00 - NOK 2,957.00
Skiing kit
Skiing kitNOK 3,157.00
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt men’s
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt men’sNOK 639.00
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt women’s
drirelease® wool LS t-shirt women’sNOK 639.00
Paw care
Paw careNOK 179.00 - NOK 299.00
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