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United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Ben Robinson

Ben started Canicross as a way to combine his love for running, particularly trail running, with…


Hege Ingebrigtsen

Hege is called “Narvik ekspressen” and she is the musher who holds most of Nordic Ch…


Robert Sørlie

Robert is one of the best known mushers. He has contributed a lot to the product development and…


Carlien Harms

Carlien has always loved dogs. When she was a child the family did not have dogs, so she started…


Lena Boysen Hillestad

For Christmas in 1975 Lena got a Vorsteh from the Santa Claus. Her father was racing with pulka,…

United StatesUnited States

Dallas Seavey

"I come from a family of mushers, with my dad being an Iditarod Champion and my Gra…


Henna Lappi

Henna’s friend made her try canicross with a kooikerhondje. After a couple of competitions…


Julita Łubianka

Julita has always been in love with dogs. She is a good runner - as a junior she trained track a…


Marc & Jule Prins

In 2015, the German couple started Canicross with their Vizslas, Kalle and Cleo, who still join …


Meganne Huguel

Meganne got into this sport when a friend introduced her to the sport. Canicross for Meganne mea…


Sanna Näslund

Sanna tried skijoring for the first time in middle School because two of her classmates were int…

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Tomáš Jaša

Tomáš started with Canicross because he needed a way to stay active and motivated …


Bogdan Karpovič

Bogdan was dragged into the sport by his wife, Miglė. Canicross gives Bogdan the pleasure (and p…


Alberto Alda

Alberto has always loved outdoor sports and dogs. For him it’s a lifestyle.

NorwayNorway / BelgiumBelgium

Tessa Philippaerts

Tessa has always loved dogs. After their first dog died her parents did not want another dog. Te…


Luca Fontana

Luca loves this sport because he loves nature and dogs, and this sport makes him able to combine…


Silvia Trkman

It all started with a childhood dream from the moment Silvia first learned about the sport in 19…

United StatesUnited States

Nick Weis

Nick got into this sport because he and his wife got a malamute and they needed a way to burn en…


Jessica Häggqvist

Jessica came into dog sports through her club:

“My club planted the id…


Ida Kohnert

Ida has been surrounded by dogs her whole life. Her parents used to wrap her up in a sleeping ba…


Cajsa Grape

When Cajsa was 13 years old she tried out skijoring together with a friend. After that she could…


Anne Fulleringer

Anne got into the sport, because she wanted to do physical activity with her dog, and she loved …


Faustine Cadenat

Faustine discovered canicross in 2015, thanks to a friend who is also a musher. This sport means…


Maija Nivala

Maija started to ski with dogs 20 years ago. At first she was racing cross country skiing. Then …


Vesa-Pekka Lehtomäki

Vesa-Pekka got his first sled dog over 40 years ago. He was only 11 years old when he was a part…


André Boysen Hillestad

He started doing dog sports because both of his parents were doing it. He also loves to be aroun…


Jeanette & Jan Robert Sveen

They have been hunting with their family since they were kids.

“It mea…


Anette Dahl

Anette got into hunting because of her father.

“He took me hunting sin…


Jørgen & Kristin Courtborne

Jørgen and Kristin are both raised with dogs and activities around dogs. Kristin and J&os…


Eli Beate Sæther

Eli Beate started with dog agility in 2008, when she was 12 years old. Her mum had signed up for…

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Duncan Robinson

Duncan has been canicrossing since he was 10 years old. He got his first dog, Rocket, when he wa…


Jackson Larret

Jackson was introduced to the sport through a friend. He gave it a go, and after the first few t…


Florian Leithmann

Florian has always loved dogs. To be able to race with dogs means everything for him.


Alexandra Kathan

“There was a guy in our village who had sled dogs. I started visiting him and…


Martin Dickel

Martin got into the sport through his family. For him the sport is about fun and being outside i…


Susanna Bürkland

Susanna loves Siberian huskies and sledding. For her it is a lifestyle. She has been racing for …


Riitta Kempe

Riitta’s first research project after university studies (animal breeding, genetics and nu…


Erkki Bürkland

Erkki loves racing with dogs, and he thinks it is a nice hobby. He has been racing for 10 years …


Sanna & Antti Kokko

Sanna and Antti were racing with greyhounds and doing sled dog sports. 10 years ago they decided…


Rodrigo Alonso Sedano

Rodrigo started with canicross when they got a dog from an animal shelter. Together they started…


Moisés Valero Ruiz

Moises loves sports and he loves dogs, and this sport make him put together his two passions.


Marina von Podolsky

Marina used to do sports with horses and loved to jump and run with them. She adopted a dog name…


Victor Carrasco

Victor started with dog sports through his parents. Every year Victor’s parents took him t…


Enrique Vilchez Madrid

Enrique loves sports and dogs, and scooter is the perfect combination for him and his dog. For t…

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Michal Tobiasek

Michal got into the sport because he had a very lively dog that needed to get out the energy. To…


Katarína & Marcel Vigodová/ Dučák

As a kid Marcel wanted a dog, and his parents bought him a husky when he was 15. While a friend …

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Veronika & Václav Navrátilová/ Vančura

Veronika started with the sport in 2007, when she needed to tire a hyperactive dog, and Vá…


Torsten Kohnert

Torsten loves the outdoors and dogs, especially the Nordic nature. Dogsledding came just with th…


Viktor Sinding-Larsen

Viktor is a great athlete! He has achieved many good results, and has become a world champion in…

Marta Miil

Marta has always lived with dogs. When she was 10 years old her family got a German…

Artūrs Jakobsons

Artūrs was introduced to the sport by his girlfriend, who was already in the sport. He then fell…


Niklas Mohr

Niklas was mountain biking in the past, and found the way into bikejoring through friends. At th…


Matheus Oliveira

Matheus has always been involved with dogs and sports because of his family. He grew up with a f…


Team Leegard

The three Leegaard girls; Maren, Ylva and Ronja started with sled dog sports because of their gr…


Zahra Goldsmith

Zahra bought a Siberian Husky puppy when she was a teenager .

Somewhere duri…


Ida Sollie

Ida grew up with dogs and hunting. She did not know about hunting trials until she got her first…


Zuzanna Sztonder

When Zuzanna was 13 years old she met long distance musher Bartek Piaseczny. He has a Alaskan Hu…

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Michaela Srchová

"I had a hungarian viszla, Angee, at home and my friend (Vašek Vančura) told…


Rune Fossum og Lise Garberg null

Rune bought his first German wirehaired pointer in 1990. They were hunting a lot together, and R…


Team Brennodden null

Ola started mushing with his father, Kjell. Kjell started with mushing as an activity for an ins…

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