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Protector bootie

Protector bootie

Durable dog booties that protect your dog's paws against rough surfaces, glass, salt and warm asphalt.

These dog booties are made from level 5 anti-cut material, dipped in nitrile rubber for extra protection. The rubber makes the socks water-resistant and provides your dog with a good grip even on slippery surfaces.

We developed Protector bootie for mushing and hiking, but all dogs that need paw protection can use these socks.

Towards the dog, the fabric is seamless to avoid chafing. The soft materials allow the paws to have good contact with the surface. The socks are fastened with elastic velcro, which makes them sit well on the paw.

Protector bootie comes in packs of four.

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How to measure your dog

Size Chart

XS3-4 cm
S4-5 cm
M5-6 cm
L6-7 cm
XL7-8 cm
XXL8-9 cm
Width3-4 cm4-5 cm5-6 cm6-7 cm7-8 cm8-9 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Cut level: 5
  • Puncture resistance: 2
  • Elastic velcro
  • 40 % polythene
  • 15 % nylon
  • 10 % polyester
  • 10 % fiberglass
  • 5 % spandex
  • 20% nitrile rubber
  • 4-pack

Wash guide

Max 30°C washing machine, do not tumble dry.

Dimensions Protector bootie

Weight10 g16 g20 g22 g29 g-
Weight (4-pack)45 g69 g81 g94 g112 g-
WeightWeight (4-pack)
XS10 g45 g
S16 g69 g
M20 g81 g
L22 g94 g
XL29 g112 g


What is the difference between the Solid sock and the Protector bootie?
The Solid sock has an inner lining made with soft nylon, while the outer shell is a durable 1000 D tightly woven nylon. The Protector bootie is dipped in nitrile rubber and protects against rough surfaces like glass, salt and warm asphalt. The Protector bootie has a low weight compared to the durability, gives a better grip to the surface, is water- and cut-resistant. In addition, the Protector bootie is developed with an extremely durable velcro where vegetation and such will not get stuck.
What type of dogs can use these booties?
All dogs that need extra protection can use Protector booties. These dog booties can be used for a wide range of activities, like mushing or hiking.
How do I choose the right size for my dog?
Measure your dog's paw at the widest point and enter the measurement into our size finder on the product page to determine the recommended size. If your dog falls between sizes, we recommend opting for the smaller size.
How many booties are included when I buy a set?
The booties come in packs of four.
Are the Protector booties waterproof?
The Protector booties are coated in nitrile rubber, providing water resistance. They are not entirely waterproof to allow for breathability.
How long do dog booties last?
The durability of dog booties depends on various factors, including the length of your dog’s nails, the type of surface they run on, and the materials used in the booties. Given the nature of their use, dog booties will inevitably experience wear. In general, it is not realistic to expect a set of dog booties to last for an extended period. Our dog booties are rated based on protection and ground feeling. Booties with a protection level of 5 are the most durable, while those with protection levels 1 or 2 are designed for softer surfaces, such as snow.
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