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CaniX kit

CaniX kit

The ultimate set for canicross, including Freemotion harness 5.0, Bungee leash, CaniX belt and a free gift.

We have put together a bundle of our best selling harness and equipment for running with dogs. It contains everything you need to train or compete in canicross. This is the exact setup the best athletes are using!

  • Freemotion harness 5.0: An upgraded version of our best-selling pulling harness for dogs.
  • CaniX belt: A super-light, breathable running belt designed for optimal performance. The unique construction helps to take the strain off your lower back and promotes good running technique.
  • Bungee leash, 2 m: A solid and fully elastic running line, developed to give both you and your dog a smooth experience.
  • Free gift

Dogs love to run, and the joy multiplies by running together! Canicross is an easy way to satisfy your dog's need for exercise while you are getting in better shape too! All you need to get started is a running belt, a bungee, a pulling harness and good shoes for yourself.

Comfort and enhanced performance for both runner and dog are in focus when we create our gear. It is developed, tested, and used by world-leading athletes but applies to any active dog.

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What differs the CaniX kit from the other kits you have?
This set is put together specifically for running with dogs. The products are designed for this activity in particular with a pulling harness for a high pulling point, a bungee to soften abrupt pulls with the standard length for canicross and a comfortable and functional belt made specifically for running with a dog.
How do I find the right size for myself and my dog?
Fill in your measurements in the size finder to see your recommended sizes.
What is canicross?
Running together with a dog is an activity widely referred to as canicross/canix. Many places you will find running-groups doing canicross. An excellent way to stay active together with your dog!
I want to learn more about canicross. Where can I find information about how to get started?
In our Magazine, you will find articles relevant to runners at all levels:
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