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Bikejoring equipment – all you need to get started

Bikejoring equipment – all you need to get started

A good bikejoring setup will enhance your experience and help prevent injuries. Your bikejoring starter kit should consist of an ergonomic harness, a bike antenna and an elastic line.

Bikejoring harness

When choosing the best bikejoring harness for your dog, look for a harness with a y-shaped front. This design provides minimal breath constraint and allows your dog’s shoulders to move freely. A dog harness for bikejoring should be quite tight around the neck. A harness that is too loose around the neck can slide down towards the shoulders and limit movement.

If your dog is a strong puller you should get him/her a pulling-harness, designed to utilize each stride’s power while providing freedom of movement and comfort for your dog. The attachment point for your bikejoring lead should be placed by the dog’s tail.

Freemotion Harness 5.0 bikejoring

The Freemotion harness 5.0 was developed for activities with a higher pulling point, such as bikejoring. A wide variety of sizes is available, and this bikejoring harness is adjustable to fit most dogs.

If you have a dog that pulls moderately or tends to back out of the harness, the Rock harness long is another great option. This harness is unique in the multi-use dog harness category, as it also aids with pulling.

If your dog is running next to the bike or not pulling as hard, a short harness like the light and versatile Line harness 5.0 is a great choice.

Bikejoring line

We recommend using an elastic line instead of a static leash when bikejoring with a dog. A bungee line will soften abrupt pulls and make the whole experience of bikejoring more comfortable for you and your dog. Bikejoring lines are also known as tow lines or tug lines.

For safety reasons, a certain distance between you and the dog is necessary. We recommend a line length of at least 2,8 meters for bikejoring. If the dog is running next to your bike, a shorter leash will do.

Freemotion Harness 5.0 scooter

If your dog is a strong puller, the Bungee leash is a solid bikejoring line used by some of the World’s best athletes within the sport. The entire line is elastic. If you train two dogs simultaneously, you can use the Bungee leash double, a y-leash. Another option is the Touring bungee, where only a part of the line is elastic. This gives you more control of the dog. Also, the bungee is softer, which is perfect for dogs that are not pulling as hard. Several lengths and widths are available. This lightweight line is ideal for smaller dogs.

If training with two dogs, you are recommended to use a neckline, which helps keep your dogs together.

Bikejoring antenna

To prevent your dog's line from tangling into the front wheel of your bike or scooter, you can use a Bike antenna, also known as bikejoring noodle. This bike attachment for bikejoring with dogs is light and sturdy with a flexible base to follow your dog's movement through corners and varying terrain.

Bikejoring accessories

An accessory you should always carry when bikejoring is dog booties. Socks for dogs can prevent injuries and are useful in the event of a paw cut or sore paws. You should check your dog's paws regularly if training on rough surfaces.

Bikej Accessories

Solid socks and Protector booties are ideal for bikejoring training on dryland and gravel.

For yourself, you should use gloves and glasses when biking with a dog. Wearing a helmet is mandatory when bikejoring with dogs.

Bike for bikejoring

When choosing your bikejoring bike it is important to make a safe choice for yourself and your dog. In bikejoring, mountain bikes with good grip and brakes are preferred. Make sure the handlebars have bar ends.

Bikejoring supplies can be bought online, in shops and sometimes at competitions.

The best bikejoring equipment is designed specifically for the sport. Our gear has been developed and tested with professional athletes throughout several years. Because of this, you get a bikejoring setup that is functional, ergonomic, and strong enough to withstand the stress put on the equipment.

Are you looking for bikejoring gifts? Check out our gift guide, or get your bikejoring kit!

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