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Biking kit

Everything you need for bikejoring with your dog in one set! The Freemotion harness 5.0, Bungee leash, Bike antenna and a free gift will enhance the experience for both of you.
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We have put together a bundle of our best selling harness and equipment for biking with dogs. It contains everything you need to go bikejoring, for training or competition. Some of the best athletes in the world are using the exact same setup!

  • Freemotion harness 5.0: Adjustable pulling harness for dogs with an ergonomic fit that provides freedom of motion and minimal breath constraint.
  • Bungee leash, 2,8 m: A solid and fully elastic bikejoring line, developed to give both you and your dog a smooth experience. The length keeps your dog at a safe distance from the bike.
  • Bike antenna: The antenna will keep your dog´s bungee leash from tangling into the front wheel. This is important for safety reasons. You can choose between two options; the regular Bike Antenna and the detachable Bike antenna KLICKfix.
  • free gift

Safety, comfort and enhanced performance for both cyclists and dogs are in focus when we create our gear. Cycling with a dog can involve high speed. This places great demands on the equipment, both when it comes to safety and durability. In addition to this, the gear must be functional and comfortable for the dog. We had all these things in mind when designing bikejoring gear. We planned for everything and left nothing to chance. Every little detail has a purpose.

This kit has been developed, tested, and used by world-leading athletes but applies to any active dog!

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What differs the Biking kit from the other kits you have?
This set is put together specifically for bikejoring with dogs with a harness for a high pulling point, a bungee leash with the necessary safety length and a bike antenna to prevent the leash from getting tangled.
How do I find the right size for myself and my dog?
Fill in your measurements in the size finder to see your recommended sizes.
What is bikejoring?

If you are a person who loves high speed and dogs, you should try out bicycling with a dog; this is called bikejoring.

With some precautions, the right gear, and control, you will have a lot of fun together.

One method is to have the dog run in front while being attached to the handlebars. This activity will create a strong bond between you and your dog because you need trust in the dog, and the dog must listen to your commands. Having control will increase security for both you and your dog, and for other people along the way.

I want to learn more about bikejoring. Where can I find information about this?
In our Magazine you will find articles relevant for beginners as well as professional athletes:
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