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Harness and gear for skiing with dogs

Harness and gear for skiing with dogs

When skiing with your dog, skijoring, it is essential to choose equipment that fits the activity.

The right gear will enhance the experience for both you and your dog. Also, it will help to prevent injuries.

Harness for skijoring

If you want your dog to pull, you should choose a pulling harness. The harness should not limit the dog's movement.

The Freemotion harness 5.0 was developed for activities with a higher pulling point, such as cross country skiing with a dog. The Y-shaped neck provides freedom of motion and minimal breath constraint for your dog. By using the right harness you also prevent strain. A wide variety of sizes is available, and this pulling harness is adjustable to fit most dogs.

If your dog is also pulling a pulka the Combined Harness is an even better choice. Form and function are equivalent to the Freemotion Harness, but the Combined Harness also has pulka attachment points and batten reinforcement around the neck to evenly distribute force when pulling heavy loads.

If you have a dog that pulls moderately or tends to back out of the harness, the Rock harness long is another great option. This harness is unique in the multi-use dog harness category, as it also aids with pulling.

If your dog is not pulling the Line Harness is ideal, it is a lightweight and versatile dog harness, that does not restrict the dog`s movement either.


You are recommended to use a bungee leash instead of a static line when skiing with a dog, as the activity involves high speed. An elastic line will make the whole experience of skiing more comfortable for you and your dog and help to avoid back injuries. In case you fall or your dog suddenly stops, the bungee will also soften abrupt pulls.

For safety reasons, a certain distance between you and the dog is necessary. We recommend 2,8 meters or more for a dog that is pulling in front of you. If the dog is running next to you, a shorter leash will do.

If your dog is a strong puller, the Bungee Leash is the right choice. The entire line is elastic and solid, available in lengths 2 and 2,8 meters. An other option is the Touring Bungee, where only a part of the line is elastic. This gives you more control of the dog, since you can grab onto the static parts if needed. Also, the bungee is softer, which is perfect for dogs that are not pulling as hard. Several lengths and widths are available. This lightweight line is ideal for smaller dogs.


When skiing, you need to have your arms free. Therefore having a solid and comfortable belt is essential.

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The Løype Belt is designed specifically for cross country skiing with dogs with room for your hips to move freely. Still, the belt gives you the necessary support to maintain proper skiing technique even while your dog is pulling. The Quick release snap hook on it makes it easy to detach the dog if you fall or something unexpected happens, but it can be easily changed if you prefer another type of attachment.


Always carry booties when skiing, in case your dog gets a cut or sore paws. The Løype Belt has a separate pocket that can be used for this.

Using socks to prevent injuries is recommended, especially if the conditions are rough or your dog tends to get ice or snow between its toes.

Our Long Distance Booties are developed for snow. They sit well on the paws and provide room for the toes to move naturally on the surface.


While moving, most dogs will stay warm, and a jacket is usually not necessary unless it is very cold. If your dog is freezing, you should get a coat that does not restrict movement or cause chafing.


Blest Jacket is a lightweight dog jacket developed for mushing. Due to the hook and loop fasteners, it can easily be taken on or off. This jacket should be worn on top of the harness to preserve the natural insulation abilities of your dog's fur. When not in use, the jacket can easily fit into your belt, pocket or backpack. Blest Jacket does not take up much space, still keeps the dog warm due to Primaloft insulation.

Glacier jacket or Long Distance Jacket are also good dog coats for skiing.

Snowsuit for dogs

If your dog has longer fur and struggles with lumps of snow or ice during wintertime, using a suit that covers the body can be a good idea. A full suit can also benefit dogs with less fur, that needs protection against wind or snow.

Protector Snow is a comfortable, elastic suit that sits tight on the body without restricting movement and a harness (or a jacket) can be worn over it.

The only thing missing now is some treats to reward your dog, then you should be good to go!

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