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Glacier jacket 2.0

Glacier jacket 2.0

A light and functional warm dog jacket, designed for unrestricted movement. This jacket will also keep your dog warm when resting.

NOK 1,149.00 - NOK 1,299.00

The Glacier jacket 2.0 is a comfortable winter jacket for dogs insulated with PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco, commonly used in sportswear for humans. The insulation is lightweight and soft, but still provides your dog with the warmth they need in any weather. This insulated dog jacket is effective even if it gets wet.

The Glacier jacket 2.0 has a windproof and water-repellent shell. Exposed areas are reinforced for extra protection against weather and rough vegetation.

This warm dog jacket was designed to provide your dog with full freedom of movement. The Glacier jacket 2.0 can be used for hiking and training with your dog, as well as when taking a break.

The Glacier jacket 2.0 has been updated with new panels and articulation to fit your dog’s body perfectly. The cinch points and chest strap allow individual adjustment. Leg straps help keep the dog jacket in the right position and prevent it from lifting in high winds. Dedicated leash openings allow a harness and a collar to be worn under the jacket. We have added drainage holes on the chest portion of the jacket. The holes prevent water from gathering under your dog’s chest, which could cause them to get cold and uncomfortable.

Reflective details provide high visibility in the dark as well as on overcast days.

The dog jacket can be easily packed down and stored in the mesh bag that it comes with.

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Find the perfect size:

How to measure your dog

Size Chart

SizeBack length
2422-26 cm
2726-29 cm
3028-32 cm
3331-35 cm
3633-39 cm
4037-43 cm
4542-48 cm
5047-53 cm
5552-58 cm
6057-63 cm
6562-68 cm
7064-76 cm
8074-86 cm
9084-96 cm
Size24 27 30 33 36 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 80 90
Back length22-26 cm26-29 cm28-32 cm31-35 cm33-39 cm37-43 cm42-48 cm47-53 cm52-58 cm57-63 cm62-68 cm64-76 cm74-86 cm84-96 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Shell: 3L 75D Polyester + TPU Membrane (PR22S Polyester 10.000 mm) 118/m2
  • Lining: 20D Nylon (20DX20D 400T Nylon) 37g/m2
  • PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco, 100g/m2 size 24-36, 133 g/m2 size 40-90, bluesign® approved
  • Waterproof rating: 10.000 mm
  • Breathability: 3.000 g/m2/24hrs
  • Buckles: Duraflex®, bluesign® approved
  • Webbing: Nylon
  • Drainage holes
  • Carrying and storage bag
  • Leg straps
  • Reflective printing
  • Bungee cord adjustment
  • Sizes: 24-90 cm
  • Colors: Purple, black/orange, navy/teal/red

Wash guide

Machine wash at or below 30°C.

Do not bleach.

Do not dry clean.

Do not iron.

Do not tumble dry.

Dimensions Glacier jacket 2.0

Back length25 cm28 cm32 cm35 cm38 cm42 cm47 cm53 cm58 cm63 cm68 cm73 cm81 cm90 cm
SizeBack length
2425 cm
2728 cm
3032 cm
3335 cm
3638 cm
4042 cm
4547 cm
5053 cm
5558 cm
6063 cm
6568 cm
7073 cm
8081 cm
9090 cm

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How do I find the right size?

Measure the length of your dog’s back from between the shoulder blades to the base of its tail and follow the size table for optimum fit. Watch the video posted next to our size-finder tool if you are unsure how to measure. If your dog is between sizes, we recommend choosing the bigger size.

How warm is the Glacier jacket 2.0?

Your dog’s breed, coat, weight, health and age are factors that play a role when it comes to how warm the Glacier jacket 2.0 feels for your dog. A moving dog will also generate more body heat than a dog that is resting. Since dogs are so different, it is hard to set a temperature limit, but the jacket has been developed for winter use and will keep most dogs comfortable in colder temperatures.

The jacket is lightweight to maintain the natural insulation abilities of your dog’s coat. Your dog’s fur creates air pockets that help keep your dog warm. By putting a jacket on top of this natural layer, without pushing the fur down, your dog will stay warmer than when wearing a heavy or tight jacket.

What is the difference between the Glacier jacket 2.0 and the Glacier wool jacket 2.0?

The Glacier jacket 2.0 has a smooth inner lining, while the Glacier wool jacket has wool as the inner layer. The Glacier jacket 2.0 is insulated with PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco, while ECO insulation is used in Glacier wool jacket 2.0. The Glacier jacket 2.0 is fastened around your dog’s chest with a Duraflex® buckle, and the Glacier wool jacket 2.0 is fastened with an aluminum hook.

Do you have other measurements than back length?

To help you find the optimum fit for your dog, we have listed minimum and maximum chest circumference and head circumference in this table:

  24 27 30 33 36 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 80 90
Max. chest 37 cm 42 cm 45 cm 51 cm 56 cm 61 cm 66 cm 71 cm 76 cm 81 cm 88 cm 91 cm 98 cm 107 cm
Min. chest 27 cm 29 cm 30.5 cm 33.5 cm 36.5 cm 38.5 cm 41.5 cm 44.5 cm 48.5 cm 51.5 cm 55.5 cm 56.5 cm 59.5 cm 66 cm
Max. head 31 cm 34 cm 36 cm 38 cm 39 cm 44 cm 46 cm 47 cm 51 cm 57 cm 58 cm 59 cm 68 cm 74 cm
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