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Product care

 Product care will prolong the lifetime of your product.  

Our tips: 

  • Remember that your dog will feel strongly about its dog equipment as it associates it with fun walks and time spent with you. Therefore, it can be smart to stove it away from the dog when it is not in use and avoid the possible temptation to chew on it.  
  • Always rinse dirt off the product straight after use. 
  • We recommend storing the product in a dry room after use, so that it gets aired and dries.  
  • For most products we recommend hand washing. Some products can also be machine washed, if so, this is communicated on the product page.
  • None of our products are recommended to tumble dry, they should air dry. 

Learn more about the materials and technology we use. 

If you are curious about a Non-stop dogwear or Non-stop Polar product, please visit the product page and see the frequently asked questions on the page bottom. We have a product specific FAQ on each product.  

If you have purchased your product in a store, please seek the local stores expertise.

Product Care

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