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Ida Sollie

Ida grew up with dogs and hunting. She did not know about hunting trials until she got her first…

История %

Дата рождения:
07 May 1987

Ida grew up with dogs and hunting. She did not know about hunting trials until she got her first german wirehaired pointer. 

In the beginning I had no interest and thought it looked silly to run around with a start pistol in the mountains. A coincidence made me start with Haldor, my oldest wirehaired pointer, and we managed a 2AK on the first try. The feeling of  a great cooperation feels nice! We got the prize because Haldor was great and did everything I told him to do. 

After this event, Ida was in love with the sport! Her interest in dogs and hunting grew and now she is attending trials within hunting, tracking, retriving and competitive obedience. 

This sport means everything to me! It's my whole life. 

Ida's goal for the future is to travel more in Europe to learn about other types of hunting, and of course to compete. 


Мои собаки

Tjuvskyttens Hasse

German wirehaired pointer21 August 2019

I needed another dog after my to older dogs started to age. I was for a long time looking for a puppy after the correct lines. Tjuvskyttens kennel is a small kennel far north in Sweden. This is where I found the perfect lines for a puppy. 

Hasse is great when it comes to retrieving and having a good partnership. Ida just needed to work on some small characteristics to show the fantastic personality and working dog he is. 

He is a super kind dog. I can bring him everywhere without any problems. He solves different tasks in a calm way. Therefor we can do almost everything together, which creates a strong bond between us. 

A fun fact about Hasse is that he steals food. One time Ida found him on their neigbour's kitchen counter. 


Silver, World champion pointing birddogs, Herm in France, 2017
2VK team NM, Norway, 2017
Several 1AK on all three dogs
Several 1 AK retrive on all three dogs 
Several 1 AK tracking on all three dogs 
Approved search dogs for public search

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