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Carlien Harms

Carlien Harms

Carlien has always loved dogs. When she was a child the family did not have dogs, so she started…

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Дата рождения:
13 February 1968

Carlien has always loved dogs. When she was a child the family did not have dogs, so she started walking dogs for other people.

“During my top sports career there was no time for having my own dog. But years later when my children were a little older; I got my first own dog, my special Rhodesian Ridgeback and started canicross!” 

She is a former top-athlete, and was Dutch Champion and record holder on the 10 km (running) on the track (32.22 min). Due to an injury, she started with dog sports. In Carlien’s first international race she won a bronze medal at the European Championships! Then she decided that she wanted to do more in this fantastic sport!

Today, Carlien is racing with her greysters Mikke, Powerrr and Oslo. Soon she hopes that her puppy, Joonas, is ready. 

Since 2011 Carlien has participated in European/World Championships and have almost always won medals in canicross or bikejoring. Previously in Veterans 1 and since 2018 Veterans 2.

“I like to be active at the highest level for as long as possible and show the world that these sports together with your dogs are GREAT. Sports and dogs are my passion; I like to be active together with my dogs. It’s a special bond between me and my dogs, and it becomes stronger day by day, and it makes it very special to perform together!”


Мои собаки



Greyster04 July 2014

Puppy Powerrr came in to Carlien’s family as a running mate for her daughter, Hester. She started to run with him, and when Powerrr was one year old; he and Hester became European Champion in Canicross in the junior class in Scotland. 

Powerrr is a powerful and fast boy, just like his brothers and sisters. (Breeder is Magda Didier from Belgium; the mother of Powerrr is coming from Lena Boysen). When Carlien’s daughter became older and had also other obligations and hobbies, Carlien started training with Powerrr. 

“Powerrr is very sensitive and he gives me the feeling that I have to protect him, and he protects me. We love to be active together. On bike or running.... and later together on the sofa!»


Carlien Harms


  • 2019, EC Belgium, European Champion Canicross master 2 together with Powerrr
  • 2018 WC Poland , World Champion Bikejoring master 2 together with Powerrr
  • 2017 EC Italy, 2e place bikejoring master 1 together with Powerrr
  • 2016 EC Tjechie, 3e place bikejoring master 1 together with Mikke
  • 2015 EC Schotland European Champion bikejoring master1 together with Mikke
  • Carlien also participated in the Trophee des Montagne in France (10 races in 8 days) for years; every year they get podium places. 
  • Dutch Champion dog scooter with Mikke
  • Dutch Champion bikejoring with Powerrr
  • Dutch champion canicross long distance (master II) with Joonas
  • Dutch champion canicross short (master II) with Mikke.

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