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Gifts for camping with dogs

Gifts for camping with dogs

In 2020, many re-discovered the great joy of the outdoors and went camping with their dogs. The popularity of camping increased so dramatically that the outdoor business had problems keeping up with the demand of equipment. The popularity of sleeping outdoors is expected to continue throughout 2022. With the right gear you can enhance the camping experience for both dog and owner. 

Camping holiday with your dog 

Many of us are used to camping with our dogs for a night or two, but have you tried it for an extended period of time? It requires a bit more planning, but is a great opportunity to disconnect from the world and strengthen the bond with your four-legged best friend. You find more information about everything you need to know about camping with dogs in this article with experts Stine & Jarlen. For even longer trips, check out the packing list from Stine Cecilie Mikalsen

Sleeping bag for dogs 

Dsc07632 (2)

Nothing beats the feeling of curling up in a warm sleeping bag after a long day on the go! That is why we developed a Ly sleeping bag, as dogs deserve to get the same quality rest to charge their batteries for new adventures as we do. This dog sleeping bag can also be used as a dog bed. 

Multifunctional dog leash 

When going camping you want to travel as light as possible. The Touring bungee adjustable is a versatile dog leash that works just as well when walking towards the campsite as when you tie your dog up at the camp or in a break. The all-in-one dog leash can easily be adjusted to fit around your waist, in your hand or around a tree. 

Dog walking belt 

Dsc 3283 2

If you wish to walk towards the campsite with your hands free, using a belt is highly recommended. You can attach your dog’s line to the belt, which will also help take the strain off your arms and back if your dog is pulling on the leash. Ferd belt is a high-quality belt for longer hikes or expeditions with dogs. For extra storage, you can attach a Ferd belt bag.  

If you are hiking with a big backpack, the super thin and lightweight CaniX belt is a good choice. This belt was designed for running with dogs, but is ideal when walking with a long and heavy backpack. 

Dog backpack 


When camping, you usually have a lot of gear to carry. Luckily, many dogs are more than happy to help you carry their food and equipment! The Amundsen pack is an ergonomic and adjustable backpack for dogs with massive pack volume and smart solutions, making an excellent fundament for many nice adventures together. Remember to prepare your dog well in advance and pack the backpack correctly before embarking on your next adventure. 

Dog jacket 


On chill evenings and nights, a warm jacket will provide your dog with extra comfort. The Glacier jacket is a light and functional jacket for dogs, with freedom of movement. The jacket can easily be taken on or off without removing your dog’s collar or leash, thanks to the two openings for your leash. The jacket can be easily packed down and stored in the mesh bag it comes with. 

Multifunctional dog harness 

A comfortable and versatile dog harness will benefit both your dog and you when going camping together. The Line harness has three attachment points (Two for sizes 1-2) for your dog’s line. This lightweight harness is ergonomically designed to give your dog's shoulders unrestricted movement. 

Paw protection 

Protector Sock Setting (15) (1)

Always bring a first aid kit for yourself and your dog. Veterinary Trude Mostue explains what a first aid kit for dogs should contain in this podcast episode. One of the items you are advised to carry is booties for your dog, in case it gets sore paws or a cut. Protector booties are comfortable dog booties are made for rough terrain.

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