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Daily life

Olympic athlete Kathrine: - Keira makes the trainings better

Kathrine Harsem is a cross-country skier of international level. She has been on the Norwegian national team for four years and participated both at the World Championships and at the Olympics. Her next goal is the World Championship in Oberstdorf in 2021. Many of her trainings she is doing together with her springer spaniel Keira. 

Company on training 

-She is joining everything; skiing, running, swimming and trekking in the mountains. Keira also likes to join me on my SUP during the summers.  

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- I think it is really nice to have Keira on my trainings, because she is amazing company! I am never alone. She is always joining everything that happens. When I am training shorter intervals, we start next to each other, and then it is full speed – together! It increases the quality of my trainings because I enjoy them more, compared to when I am completely alone.  

- Keira is everything for me  

Kathrine loves to see her dog run and play. 

kathrine harsem 

- The happiness the dogs are showing spreads over to us people and gives us a very amazing feeling. Keira means everything to me! She lights up the room on days when I am a bit sad or tired. She is always happy, full of energy and is a wonderful being. She is basically my pill of happiness.  

She always loved dogs 

Kathrine has been wanting a dog all her life, she was walking dogs in her neighborhood until her family got Zento, the Gordon setter in 2005. He lived for 13 years. 

- Dogs are and will be man`s best friend. That I got to experience on my own skin in the last 3 years. 

While Kathrine was at the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018, Zento had to be put down. 

- I hit rock bottom, but I slowly got back on my feet again. Then we started planning the new season and buying a puppy. Life became better when I got Keira. She is my first own dog and I cannot wait to share even more adventures with her.  

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