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Marc & Jule Prins

In 2015, the German couple started Canicross with their Vizslas, Kalle and Cleo, who still join …

Marc & Jule istorija

Gimimo data:
13 September 1973

In 2015, the German couple started Canicross with their Vizslas, Kalle and Cleo, who still join them at small races just for fun. During the same year, they got two more dogs, Schoko and Lisa, who helped them have a super start into the sport. Both Marc, a physiotherapist, and Jule, sport scientist, love to do every dryland category, therefore they need many dogs!

In the last four years, Schoko and Lisa became German, European and World champions in biking and Canicross. 2019 is their first year competing in European and World Championships with Schoko’s puppies. It is also the first year they are not competing on the big races with their 8 year old golden girls.

Their other young dogs, Flotti and Pace, will have their second racing season. Flotti became vice European Champion and German champion in Canicross and skiing in her first season. Pace is their «flower dog» – she is super sensitive. Jule won a lot of races with her in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, but it is difficult to start with her when there are many people or dogs on the track. Therefore she and the Vizslas are their «fun dogs» – and the best sport partners of the world!

We live our little crazy dream with our eight dogs, a minipig, three ducks and three rabbits,

says the couple.


Mano šunys

Flotte Rakete

European Hound05 June 2017

«She is one of those dogs that will touch your heart”.



  • Vize World Champion Triathlon Olympic Distance 2006 Lausanne
  • European Champion Triathlon Olympic Distance 2005
  • World Champion 12h MTB Mixed Team with Jule 2014
  • European Champion 12h MTB Mixed Team with Jule 2013
  • IFSS European Champion canicross 2016
  • IFSS Vice European Champion 2018
  • 3.Place ECF European Championchip 2016
  • 4.Place ICF World Championchip Canicross 2018
  • German Champion canicross 2016 and 2018
  • German Champion Skijöring 2018
  • German Champion Sled 2 dogs 2018


  • IFSS World Champion bike 2017
  • ICF World Champion canicross 2018
  • ECF European Champion canicross 2017
  • IFSS and ECF vice European Champion bike 2016 and 2017
  • ECF vice European Champion 2015 and 2017 canicross team relay
  • ICF World Championchip canicross team relay 2018
  • World Championchip canicross 2017
  • German Champion bike 2015,2016,2016,2018
  • German Champion canicross 2017 & 2018
  • German, European & World Champion 12h Mountainbike Mixed Team with Marc
  • Winner Trans Dinara Stage Race Mixed 2013
  • Vize Deutsche Hochschulmeisterin MTB Marathon 2012
  • 3.Place Deutsche Hochschulmeisterin Sprint 2013
  • Winner Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn 2013 Straße

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