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Protector life jacket

This innovative dog life jacket sets the new standard for flotation aids. The unique design optimizes buoyancy, stability and freedom of movement to keep your dog safe in and by the water.
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Dog life jackets are often bulky and hard to move around with, especially on land. We also struggled finding a life jacket that provided our dogs with both buoyancy and stability in the water. During hot summer days, there is also a risk of overheating when wearing a thick vest. We teamed up with experts in dog anatomy, biomechanics and buoyancy to take the whole concept of dog life jackets one step further.

The Protector life jacket's key features are:

  • Our unique SAFE-R buoyancy construction: The construction ensures that your dog is kept afloat and stable relative to the waterline. The foam is placed on the side for increased buoyancy and freedom of movement. The panels are split into sections to allow your dog to turn without being restricted by the vest.
  • Breathability: On the dog’s back, we have used our highly breathable HexiVent material. Water can flow through, and the ventilated top can help prevent your dog from overheating.
  • Ergonomic design: In addition to the split side panels, the shape of the vest allows your dog’s front legs to move freely. As a consequence, your dog is able to move more efficiently in and out of the water. 

This design provides your dog with the buoyancy, stability and freedom of movement we were looking for.

The system has been thoroughly tested in open water, pools and on water treadmills with several different dogs. Human life jackets are tested using an ISO-standard, but this has not yet been applied to life jackets for dogs. We developed a test system as close as possible to the human standards in order to make a dog life jacket like no other on the market.

The life jacket is equipped with a sturdy handle in case you need to lift your dog up on your paddleboard, the dock or in the boat.

By combining the SAFE-T wrap system and the wide chest straps, the pressure is evenly distributed making the vest comfortable and safe for your dog. A reflective stripe on the top of the handle provides extra visibility in the dark. The Protector life jacket is bright orange so that it is easier to spot your dog in the water.

In addition to one leash attachment point on the back, there are two attachment points on the side of the life jacket allowing you to adjust direction and resistance (orange version only). This feature is particularly useful for rehabilitation purposes on a water treadmill or in a swimming pool. Small items can be stored in the back pocket.

The Protector life jacket is available in the colors orange and teal, in sizes 2-7.

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How to measure your dog

Size Chart

SizeDog's weightChest circumference
21.5-7 kg32-45 cm
33-7 kg40-56 cm
47-17 kg45-65 cm
512-22 kg54-70 cm
622-33 kg65-85 cm
731-47 kg71-99 cm
Size2 3 4 5 6 7
Dog's weight1.5-7 kg3-7 kg7-17 kg12-22 kg22-33 kg31-47 kg
Chest circumference32-45 cm40-56 cm45-65 cm54-70 cm65-85 cm71-99 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Outer fabric: Polyester
  • Inner fabric: Polyester
  • HexiVent
  • SAFE-T wrap system
  • SAFE-R buoyancy construction
  • Reflective printing and piping
  • Registered design DM222982
  • Duraflex® buckles (bluesign® APPROVED)
  • Sizes: 2-7
  • Color: Orange, Teal

Wash guide

Hand wash only.

Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

To clean: rinse with warm water and dry in a warm airy place, not in direct sunlight.

Dimensions Protector life jacket

2 3 4 5 6 7
Max buoyancy7 kg10 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg50 kg
Max buoyancy
27 kg
310 kg
420 kg
530 kg
640 kg
750 kg


How do I measure my dog for a life jacket?
The sizing of the Protector life jacket is based on your dog’s weight. Enter your dog's weight in the size finder on the product page, and a recommended size will be provided. If your dog is between sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.
How should a dog life jacket fit?

A dog life jacket should have a snug fit and sit close to your dog’s body to prevent it from sliding when your dog is moving around in the water. To fit the Protector life jacket to your dog, start by opening the buckles. Slide the life jacket over your dog’s head and place it on their back when standing. For the medium sized (4-5-6), adjust the neck strap so that you can fit two fingers in between the vest and your dog. The space should be a bit less for the smaller sizes and a bit more for the bigger sizes.

The next step is wrapping the SAFE-T wrap system around your dog’s chest. Secure the wrap with the buckles and adjust these to sit firmly, without being uncomfortable for your dog. The hind strap can be slightly looser than the front strap.

Do dogs need life jackets?

For safety, you are advised to always use a life jacket for your dog when being in or by the water. Accidents can happen even to the best swimmers. The risk increases with colder temperatures, when your dog is swimming longer distances, or when swimming in deep or moving water. In distress, a dog will often drop their back end causing them to quickly disappear under the surface of the water. A life jacket will help keep your dog afloat and reduce the risk of drowning.

When introducing a dog to water for the first time, a life jacket will give them a positive experience with the new element by providing extra support and stability. This helps lay the foundation for lots of fun in the years to come!

The Protector life jacket is designed for freedom of movement and helps promote correct swimming technique.

How does the SAFE-R buoyancy construction work?
Only the part of the life jacket below the surface will displace water and contribute to buoyancy. Elements on your dog’s back will not improve buoyancy. That is why we have placed the flotation elements to the sides where they will have the biggest effect for aiding buoyancy and stability. This also makes the vest lighter and more breathable which allows your dog more freedom to move naturally.
What is the SAFE-T wrap system?
Our SAFE-T wrap system provides a fast and secure fitting of the vest. The T-shape of the hook and loop fasteners are designed to allow flexible and safe fitting no matter your dog’s body shape.
What’s the difference between the Protector life jacket and the Safe life jacket 2.0?
The Protector life jacket is a unique and innovative life jacket for dogs where the floating elements are placed on the sides only and split into panels. This provides optimum buoyancy, freedom of movement and helps prevent overheating. The Safe life jacket 2.0 is a traditional dog life jacket with floating elements over the entire vest. Both life jackets are equipped with features such as reflectors, multiple attachment points and a pocket.
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