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Friction long line

A dog long line with rubber inserts for excellent grip. Still, the line glides easily through the terrain when your dog is tracking.
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This long line provides your dog with freedom to move through the terrain. A long line is also helpful in building good habits for off-leash walking.

The Friction long line is lightweight and easy to handle. The line glides easily through the terrain without getting tangled. The rubber inserts provide you with excellent grip in all conditions. The webbing performs well in water.

We have chosen durable materials that can withstand wear and tear caused by contact with the ground and vegetation. The stitching is reinforced with Hypalon, which can also be found at the end of the line to make it easy to feel when you run out of line.

The Friction long line is equipped with a Twistlock carabiner that locks automatically. This keeps your dog secure at all times. The swivel rotates to prevent the line from twisting.

The bright orange color provides visibility. The Friction long line is available in two lengths; 10 meters/32,9 feet and 15 meters/49,2 feet.

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Technical Specifications

  • Polyester webbing with rubber inserts
  • Hypalon reinforcement
  • Twistlock carabiner
  • Length: 10 m/32,9 feet and 15 m/49,2 feet.
  • Width: 20 mm
  • Weight: 10 m = 314g / 15 m = 456g
  • Color: Orange

Wash guide

Hand wash only.


What is a long line for dogs?
A long line is a long dog leash that allows your dog to move around and explore while you still maintain control. Long lines are used for tracking where your dog works independently to follow a track, and the handler follows behind. A long line is also an excellent training tool for practicing recalls and other skills with your dog. The long line has a clip to attach to your dog’s harness at one end. The other end can be with or without a handle. If you are mainly using the long line for tracking and practicing skills like recall, it is recommended to choose a line without a handle in order to prevent it from getting tangled or stuck. For shorter long lines mainly used for walks, a handle is preferred.
What length should a long line for dogs be?
The length to choose is based on your personal preferences and which activities you will do. For tracking, training and walks that replace free running, a length of at least 10 meters/32,9 feet is preferred to give your dog enough freedom to work. For daily walks you can use a shorter leash.
How to use a long line in dog training?

When training with a long line, it is recommended to use a harness rather than a collar to minimize the risk of injury in case of sudden pulls. The Line harness 5.0 , for example, is equipped with a dedicated leash attachment point for a long line.

When tracking, the handler usually wants contact with their dog when working. For dog training, however, a long line is typically used to practice skills you need when your dog is running off-leash, such as recalls, heeling and stay. To practice these skills, the line should be loose so that your dog hardly notices they are attached.

You can let the line slide through the hand closest to your dog and use the other hand to softly adjust the distance and tension. By using both hands it is easier to stop your dog without any sudden pulls, and it also decreases the risk of losing the line.

Does the Friction long line float?
The long line does not float. However, we have chosen webbing that does not soak or become heavy when exposed to water.
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