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Amundsen pack

Heavy-duty dog backpack for expeditions, strength training, and excursions. Ergonomic and adjustable, the pack sits steadily on the dog`s back. Massive pack volume, and smart solutions make an excellent fundament for many nice adventures together.
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We have made this sturdy, functional, and user-friendly backpack so that you and your dog can get the most out of your trip. Many expeditions have used the Amundsen pack, among others crossing Norway and Svalbard. The Amundsen pack has two big rolltop bags (zipper for sizes XXS and XS). These are aramid fiber reinforced and handle substantial wear from rocks and rough vegetation. They are protected from rain by a ripstop cover. The cover holds two zipped pockets for easy access and a see-through window for compass or contact information. The attachment loop on the back is similar to the ones found on our harnesses, a loop with a gliding metal ring on it.

This pack is developed to give the dog comfort while carrying. But, for an optimal experience, it is crucial to adjust it and pack it correctly. The bags are shaped to carry the heaviest loads over the dog's shoulders. The straps between the bags tighten to lift the bags away from the dog's elbows. Many adjustment straps and the padded neck are customizable to distribute the load on the dog's body. A broad chest plate helps to hold the pack stable and comfortable.

Amundsen pack is grey and black and has integrated reflective materials. The pack is available in sizes XXS-XXL.

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How to measure your dog

Size Chart

SizeWidth (elbow to elbow over back)
XXS52-56 cm
XS56-60 cm
S60-64 cm
M64-68 cm
L68-74 cm
XL74-82 cm
XXL82-94 cm
Width (elbow to elbow over back)52-56 cm56-60 cm60-64 cm64-68 cm68-74 cm74-82 cm82-94 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Aramid fiber
  • Nylon ripstop
  • Nylon webbing
  • Polyester
  • Plastic pocket
  • Plastic buckles
  • 3M™ reflective materials

Wash guide

Handwash only.

Dimensions Amundsen pack

Volume15 L18 L25 L30 L38 L45 L55 L
Weight630 g705 g915 g1030 g1130 g1230 g1420 g
XXS15 L630 g
XS18 L705 g
S25 L915 g
M30 L1030 g
L38 L1130 g
XL45 L1230 g
XXL55 L1420 g


How do I find the right size on the Amundsen pack?

Follow the size chart. The width is measured from elbow to elbow, above the dog’s back.

Make all the adjustments on top of the backpack. The strap in front: this strap should be tight, to avoid movement in the backpack. The strap behind: you should be able to fit two fingers vertically between the board and the dogs’ chest.

To adjust the neck size: It is tight enough when you can fit two fingers vertically between the neck and backpack. Depth: The backpack should stop by the dog’s elbow, or 2cm above.

What is the blue line on the back of the backpack for, and why is the ring loose?
The blue strap in the back is for trekking/having your dog pull you. The ring is sliding so that the backpack maintains a stable position when you and the dog are not centered.
How old should the dog be to carry a backpack?
The dog should be fully grown, approximately two years before it is ready to start backpack training. Initially, with no weight, let your dog get used to wearing the backpack. Then you can gradually increase the load. Make sure to balance the weight on both sides.

Learn more!
How much weight can a dog carry?

How much a dog can carry depends on the breed, size, and shape. Your dog should be fully grown, approximately two years of age, and in good shape before they start to carry weight. Always start with an empty backpack and add weight gradually over several weeks. For a healthy dog in regular shape that only carries weight occasionally, a maximum of 5-15% of your dog’s body weight is recommended. 

A strong and well-trained dog can carry 30-50% of their own body weight. This will vary based on the dog's shape and breed. In addition, the weight of the backpack will depend on the terrain and the length of the hike. 

Learn more about backpacking with dogs in this article.

Is the Amundsen pack waterproof?
The Amundsen pack is not waterproof, but the cover fabric is a solid rip-stop. The material on the side pockets are aramid fiber reinforced and handle substantial wear from rocks and rough vegetation.
Can I use a harness under the Amundsen pack?
It is possible to use a pulling harness under the Amundsen pack. However, we recommend not using other gear under the backpack to prevent chafing, pressure points and discomfort for your dog. The Amundsen pack is equipped with an attachment point for your dog’s leash. You can also use a collar when hiking with the backpack.
Can I use a dog jacket under the Amundsen pack?
It is possible to use a dog jacket under the Amundsen pack. However, we recommend not putting additional gear over the backpack to prevent chafing, pressure points and discomfort for your dog.
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