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Launching sportswear specifically designed for dog owners

Since 2009, Non-stop dogwear has made performance gear for active dogs worldwide. Now the time has come to include clothes for their humans. 

- Our passion is to motivate and inspire dogs and owners around the world for an active lifestyle together. Our products are developed, tested, and used by some of the world’s best athletes within several sports. This provides us with first-hand knowledge of how much better the experience and achievements can be when you also have clothes adapted for an active lifestyle with dogs. That is why we decided to make a unique clothing line, says CEO Tonje Wahl Evensen.

She is proud to introduce you to our new category; Non-stop human wear.

- This is high-performance gear for dog owners who want to explore, experience, and achieve goals together with their dogs and other dog lovers worldwide.

Canicross clothes first

We start with the launch of the series CaniX sportswear. In the future, clothes for other activities and weather conditions will follow. 

The name CaniX comes from the word canicross, meaning running with dogs. Canicross is a fast-growing sport worldwide that can be done both competitively and as a hobby.

- The entire CaniX range is designed for running as efficiently as possible with your dog, whether it is the equipment for the dog, or for the human, says product developer Matthew Brown.

Our new clothing line started with this in mind: making clothing specifically for running with your dog. Regular sportswear is not designed for running or hiking with a waist belt.

Canix Hamar

The key aspects are that you can now seamlessly use the CaniX belt with the CaniX twin shorts, or CaniX long tights. The fit and materials are designed to reduce chafing and offer some support for running hard.

The waistband on all bottoms features a leash pocket. The pocket has no zippers and minimal seams so it fits perfectly when using with the belt, or even when doing yoga and other floor activities. 

The rear pocket ensures quick and easy access to the leash, so you always have it ready to go wherever you run. The pocket can also hold a phone securely, thanks to the clever construction.

- The CaniX tech tee is something we’ve always wanted. It is super light and breathable and made from a unique material made especially for Non-stop. The weight and fit of the tech tee make you feel like you’re almost not wearing anything at all! 

Environmentally friendly

We produce the CaniX tech tee and tights at what is probably the greenest factory in the world, Utenos trikotažas in Lithuania.

Eli Beate Line Harness

The global environmental organization Greenpeace has recognized them as the first and so far the only textile company in the world to work entirely according to its textiles procurement standard.

This is only one of the steps we make to ensure the footprint we leave on the planet is as small as possible. In 2020, Non-stop dogwear was the first pet brand in the world to apply the bluesign® system. Outdoor and sports brands like Patagonia, Arc’teryx Equipment Inc and Nike are just a few of the bluesign® system partner companies that share the same values of responsible and sustainable textile manufacturing.

- When buying a product from Non-stop dogwear, you can be confident that your gear meets the highest standards. This benefits you, your dog and our environment, says Tonje.

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