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How to find the best dog collar for your dog

How to find the best dog collar for your dog

Your dog’s collar is probably one of the pieces of equipment they will wear the most, so it is essential to choose a collar that fits well and is comfortable for your dog to wear. The activities you do together are also a factor to consider.

In this guide we help you find the perfect collar for your dog.

Different types of dog collars

Collars for dogs come in various shapes, sizes and colors, with different functionality. We have listed some of the most common types of dog collars to help you understand the difference.

Puppy - tumble collar

Puppy collars

Your dog’s first collar is usually a highly adjustable puppy collar, like the Tumble collar. Because of the adjustability the collar can follow your puppy through the first months. A puppy collar should be lightweight so that it doesn’t put unnecessary weight or pressure on your dog’s neck.

Padded dog collars

Some dog collars are padded for maximum comfort, providing cushioning between the collar and your dog’s neck. If your dog tends to pull on the leash, using a padded collar is recommended. Padded collars can also be beneficial for shorthaired dogs or dogs with sensitive skin.

For the warmer days, or if you need a collar that dries quickly, you can choose a breathable padded dog collar, like the Rock collar.

Cruise collar orange

Dog collars with semi-slip function

Some dogs are escape artists, being able to twist themselves out of their collars. This can also happen by accident for dogs with necks wider than their heads. To prevent your dog from sliding out of their collar, you can choose a dog collar with a semi-slip function. These dog collars are also known as martingale collars, greyhound collars or limited-slip collars.

A semi-slip collar consist of an extra loop that tightens slightly when pressure is put on the leash.

Cruise collar black, retriever

Adjustable dog collars

Static, but adjustable dog collars are very popular. These collars are usually equipped with clips, making it easy to take them on or off without having to pull them over your dog’s head, as some dogs find uncomfortable.

Safe collar

Safety dog collars

If your dog is freerunning or playing with other dogs, you should choose a safety collar like the Safe collar, that prevents your dog from getting snagged on a branch or another dog. You might lose your dog’s collar, but not your best friend!

Below you can see an overview of our collars and their properties.

En Dog Collar Guide Web version 2

How to measure my dog for a collar?

To find the right collar size for your dog, measure the neck circumference where the collar will sit, as shown in this video:

When you have the neck circumference, look at the size chart to find which size fits your dog’s measurements.

How tight should a dog collar be?

You should be able to fit at least two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. A bit more for bigger dogs, a bit less for small dogs.

Illustration Two Finger Rule Collar

The collar should fit your dog’s neck well and be comfortable to wear.

A collar that sits too loose can slide over your dog’s head by accident, or slide down towards the shoulders and limit movement.

When to use a dog collar?

Dog collars are useful in everyday life for walks and other activities. They allow you to easily attach your dog to a line and bring them on adventures wherever you are.

Dog collars can also be used for identification. Some dog collars are equipped with a name tag for your contact information. If not, you can easily add a name tag.

Wearing a collar can increase visibility in the dark if the dog collar is equipped with reflective and/or has a bright color.

200912 Nonstop 23

There are also situations where your dog should not wear a collar. If your dog tends to pull hard on the leash, or if you are doing pulling activities like running, biking or skiing, we recommend that you choose a dog harness instead. A harness will allow your dog to breathe and move without restriction.

If your dog is running free or playing with other dogs, there is a risk of getting snagged on branches or the other dog. You are advised to take the collar off in these situations or when your dog is left unattended, unless your dog is wearing a collar such as the Safe collar, which has a safety feature that makes it possible for the dog to get free.

How to clean a dog collar?

It’s often said that «a dirty dog is a happy dog», so it should also be easy to clean your dog's collar when needed. It is usually enough to just rinse off the dirt in water, but sometimes it is necessary to put it in a washing machine.

All of our dog collars are made from durable materials that can be cleaned in a washing machine on 30 °C. Do not tumble dry. For more information on how to care for your gear, take a look at our wash guide.

Why choose Non-stop dogwear?

We have been developing gear for active dogs and their humans since 2009. As dogsport athletes, making ergonomic, innovative and functional equipment is essential.

We team up with athletes and professionals to test each product to the limit under the most extreme conditions for your safety and comfort. We believe that all dogs deserve the best, no matter if they are a family dog or a world champion in their sport. Our passion is to facilitate and encourage an active lifestyle for dogs and their owners.

Our product developers carefully select durable, functional and environmentally friendly materials. We are the world’s first pet brand to become bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERS to ensure that our dog gear meets the highest standards possible.

We focus on making long lasting products. To reach this goal, many factors play an important role in a product's life cycle. We are proud to know that some of our athletes have been using the same harness for nearly a decade! That is possible due to our high quality and functionality standards but also because we provide replaceable parts like side straps and clips. If you choose to upgrade to a newer version of the product, give your old harness a new life with a different owner so that it gets many more years of use. We also gather up used gear and provide it to, for example, dog shelters and young athletes.

If you want to know more about us, get the latest news about our products and become a part of our community, you can sign up for our newsletter!

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