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High visibility dog gear guide

High visibility dog gear guide

The biggest fear of any dog owner is losing their beloved companion in an accident. We know this feeling very well. Therefore, we have created a wide range of high visibility dog gear.

When using reflective gear, a driver will have 10 seconds to react instead of only two seconds, according to Trygg Trafikk. This can mean the difference between life and death. Even in areas with street lights, it is recommended to use reflectors for both yourself and your dog. Dog visibility products will make it easier to spot your dog under dark or foggy conditions. In addition to being bright orange, our gear is equipped with reflective print and/or piping to maximize visibility.

High visibility dog vests

A dog visibility vest is a lightweight vest that will make your dog visible from several angles.

Reflective dog vests are perfect to use in areas with traffic. These dog vests are made with reflective materials and bright colors such as orange or yellow. The large area of reflective material provides maximum visibility when lights from a car or lamp hits it. These reflective vests are also easy to spot if you are wearing a head torch and your dog is running free.

There are also dog vests for hunting, developed primarily to be used in the forest and mountains to easily spot your dog when freerunning. Hunting vests are made with bright and highly visible colors and use less reflective material than other vests. Some vests include a red field on one side and yellow field on the other. This design feature is intended to help you see from a distance which direction your dog is facing.

Choose Your Visibility Vest Web

We have developed high visibility dog vests to cover most needs. Our vests range from a simple cover to more advanced vests that include features such as a GPS pocket as well as an aramid reinforced chest plate to protect against harsh and thorny vegetation.

All vests are equipped with a loop to which you can attach a tracking line or a dog safety light for extra visibility.

High visibility dog collar

Reflective dog collars with a fluorescent color will increase visibility in the dark for most dogs and from most angles. If your dog has a thick coat, however, using a harness or adding a reflection blanket is advised.

Safe collar camo cover

The Safe collar is not only a highly visible dog collar, it also has a unique feature that might be life-saving for your dog if they get snagged on a branch when freerunning or on another dog when playing. A bungee component enables your dog to break free if needed.

When attaching a leash to the two D-rings, the collar functions as a regular dog collar.

High visibility dog harness

A dog harness with reflective piping and a fluorescent color, like the orange Line harness provides good visibility in dark conditions. All of our dog harnesses are equipped with reflective material, to help you stay safe while being active together.

Visbility Line harness

You can also attach a safety light to your dog’s harness for extra visibility.

High visibility dog jacket

You can get both warm dog jackets and dog raincoats in highly visible colors.

Img 1531

Our dog jackets are also equipped with reflective print visible from several angles for visibility in the dark.

Reflective dog leash

The movement in your dog’s leash makes it easy for drivers to spot you.

Move Leash 32web (5)

On some of our leashes, we have placed reflective stripes at the end of the leash, closest to your dog, as a car’s light usually hits lower areas first.

Reflective gear for dog walking

It is not only your dog that should wear reflective gear - so should you! Many of our jackets, pants, t-shirts and other human wear are equipped with reflectors to keep you visible in the dark.

We have also added reflective material to our belts for running, hiking and skiing with dogs.

Stay safe!

Visibility human wear

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