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- Gompy has the same needs as a big dog, even though his body is tiny

- Gompy has the same needs as a big dog, even though his body is tiny

Training is an important part of Cathrine Strand-Gundersen's life. She shares training inspiration through Instagram - often accompanied by her pomeranian Gompy. He is the whole family's training buddy. Gompy is happy to join them running, skiing or trekking.

- Even though Gompy is tiny, he is still a dog. Some might think he is an accessory or sits in a bag, but that is not the case. A small dog requires physical training and obedience training like any other dog. When keeping that in mind, you get a dog that can release its full potential! When Gompy gets the physical and mental stimulation he needs, he is calm and satisfied.

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Cathrine does not like running alone, but Gompy is happy to keep her company.

- Having him as my training buddy means a lot. I enjoy every minute we spend together. He has so much to give.

A big dog in a small body

Cathrine's goal is to show all the things that small dogs can do. It is usually the owners that limit them from releasing their potential.

- We have not encountered any challenges that were too demanding for Gompy yet. He is an incredibly fit and cool dog with a big personality! We have only had positive surprises so far. He got stamina, is mentally robust and handles new experiences with confidence.

Paws on the ground

Both Cathrine and her husband, Preben, grew up with big dogs; Giant Schnauzer and Leonberger.

- I grew up with Leonbergers and love that breed! That is also why my first own dog, Xerox, was a Leonberger. He was the biggest and cutest dog ever.

Gompy, however, can easily be lifted with one hand only.

- He might be small, but Gompy also has four legs, like any other dog. Lifting and carrying a dog instead of letting him walk is not an option for me, and I think that has had a positive effect on him. Unfortunately, I see many lift their small dogs when they get unsure about something, but by doing that, you risk reinforcing their fear instead of helping them get through it and build confidence.

Gompy had to face these situations. Cathrine thinks that is an important reason why he goes along with all the dogs he meets.

- The disadvantage of having a small dog is that you must always make sure the big dogs you meet are calm and well-behaved to prevent Gompy from being hurt. If they are, Gompy can greet them.

Perfect family dog

To Cathrine and Preben, it was important that their kids grew up with a dog. They had pictured a big dog, but after being introduced to Pomeranians through a friend, they saw more advantages of having a smaller breed.

- It is easier for our girls to walk Gompy than a 67 kilo Leonberger! We also have plenty of room in the car now. Everything is much easier with a small dog! The house does not get as dirty, and they don't shed as much. Pomeranians are great family dogs! They are kid-friendly and fit, ready for any adventure as long as you give them the chance to. They are energetic, fun and playful. Based on all this, it was an easy choice for us. The joy of having a Pomeranian is just as big as having Leonberger - maybe even more! There is something special about having a dog that can sleep in your lap or your arms, Cathrine says.

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