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No matter if you prefer to go skiing for long distances in peaceful surroundings or compete at high speed, your dog will probably like to join the fun! Kilometer after kilometer with your best friend. If you are lucky, your dog might help by pulling you. 

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Products for Skiing



For dogs, training in cooler conditions is more comfortable. Maybe your dog finds that extra gear in the trails?

If it weren't for skijoring, our brand would not exist. The first products we made were explicitly developed for this activity.

Today's product range is the result of continuous development and thorough testing for the best for you and your dog. Our goal was that dogs should not be limited by the equipment they are wearing. We wanted to help them release their full potential. We still have that in the back of our minds every single day.



Skiing with your dog is a fun experience. Connect your dog to a belt and hit the trails together.

Some people like to stick to the trails, while others let their dog pull them up the mountainside- also called ski mountaineering. Skiing with a dog is often referred to as skijouring.

A brilliant activity to do with your dog when skiing is to let the dog pull a pulka. Nordic style is a sport with competitions in skijoring and pulka. 

Did you know that competing in Nordic Style skijoring is what led to the founding of Non-stop Dogwear? Our first product, the Freemotion Harness, was initially designed for this sport. 

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Skiing with your dog is not just fun; it is also healthy for both humans and dogs. Pulling is a solid strength exercise for your dog that releases a lot of energy. Skiing is also mentally stimulating for the dog, you can teach the dog commands, for example, left and right. 


 All breeds can go skiing. Make sure to adjust the speed and distance to your dog’s limitations. 

We recommend being careful downhill. Do not pass your dog downhill, stay behind, and let the dog choose the speed. If the dog runs too fast downhill, it might get injured. 


The right equipment will make skijoring a lot better for both you and your dog. 

When your dog is connected to your waist, there is a high pulling point for the dog. We recommend the Freemotion Harness for activities with a high pulling point.

The Combined Harness is similar to the Freemotion, but comes reinforced with battens around the neck that distribute force on the dog. The Combined Harness also has pulka-attachments if you want your dog to pull a pulka.

Skijoring is a lot more enjoyable with a good belt. We invented the Løype Belt specifically for skiing with dogs. Another good alternative is the Ferd Belt.

If your dog has a strong pull, we recommend the Bungee Leash when skiing with your dog. If you have a small-sized dog, or a dog that does not pull as much, the touring bungee 2,8m is a great alternative. Touring Boungee 2,8m comes in two versions to accommodate all dog sizes.

It is essential to take care of your dog’s paws. Booties will help prevent cracks/wounds. It is also helpful to avoid snow clogging between the paws. 

In the winter, long furred dogs might struggle with snow packing onto the fur. To prevent this, we developed the Protector snow. This suit can be used underneath any harness.

If you are making a stop on your skiing trip, your dog will appreciate you bringing a jacket for it to stay warm. The Blest Jacket is insulated with PrimaLoft making it easy to pack, light, and warm.

If you are you going on a short ski trip, you can have a jacket lying in the car for the dog to wear on the drive home. The Alpha Pro Jacket is a good alternative for this.

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