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Dogs love to run, and the joy multiplies by running together! Running with dogs, canicross, is an easy way to satisfy your dog's need for exercise while you are getting in better shape too. All you need to get started is a running belt, a bungee, a pulling harness, and good shoes.

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Canicross is a sport for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or ambitions are. Whether you run a small lap in the park, give all you got for five kilometers, or go for a long run in the mountains does not matter - as long as you are doing something together.

Together with some of the best athletes in the world, we have developed specific gear for canicross. Common for these products is they are light, comfortable, and do not limit you or your dog's freedom of movement.



Running together with a dog is an activity widely referred to as Canicross / Canix. Many places you will find running-groups doing Canicross. An excellent way to stay active together with your dog. 


To have your dog pulling you while running is an exercise that builds a powerful connection between you and your dog.

It is easily accessible, and everyone can do it. Put on your running shoes and have fun together with your dog. 

Running with your dog has many benefits other than your dog’s physical health- you will also get a high pulse for one. Running stimulates the dog mentally. With practice, you can, for example, teach your dog commands such as Left and Right. 

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Everyone can run with their dog and do Canicross. You can run everywhere, and you do not need much equipment for this activity.

Having a dog as a running-partner is very motivating. Your best friend will help you uphill or when you are getting tired.


All dogs can join running, regardless of breed and size. Remember to respect your dog’s limits and adapt the run to your dog’s level. 

If you have a smaller dog and are wondering if small dogs can do Canicross? Of course, they can!

You can read about small-sized heroes doing Canicross here:


When running with a dog, you need a harness, a belt, and a bungee. 

The Freemotion Harness is developed for running with your dog and is a harness that gives your dog free movements and has the correct pulling point for this activity.

To take care of your back and to improve your running technique, we recommend a good belt. The CaniX Belt is a specialized dog-running belt and handles the pull-force in an ergonomic way for your body. 

A bungee is essential, and we have several bungee models to fit any dog. If your dog has a powerful pull, the Bungee Leash 2m is best suited. If you have a dog that does not pull as much or you have a small-sized dog, we recommend the Touring Bungee.

The Touring Bungee comes in many sizes. The 1,3cm is perfect to use with small-sized dogs because it is thinner and has a lighter carabiner. 

Remember good running shoes before you head off. 

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