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Touring Double

Touring Double

A leash splitter that makes it easy to walk two dogs. Available in two sizes.
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The Touring Double is compatible with all of our leashes and bungees, transforming them into a Y-leash. The coupler will not twist and tangle when you use our leashes with a spinning carabiner. The long “arms” on Touring Double straighten the angle so that the dog’s harness maintains a centered load. Touring Double comes in two sizes. Small with ultra-light aluminum carabiners. Medium with Twistlock carabiners, these have an automatic lock assuring that the dog does not get loose.

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Technical Specifications

  • Size Medium: Twistlock carabiners rated to 300kg each
  • Size Small: ultra-light aluminum carabiners
  • Weight: Small: 54 grams, Medium: 101 grams

Wash guide

Hand wash only


Length52 cm72 cm
Width13 mm23 mm
Weight54 g101 g
S52 cm13 mm54 g
M72 cm23 mm101 g

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What is the difference between the Touring Double S and M?
The Touring Double comes in two sizes; Small and Medium. S is 52cm, while the medium is 72cm. S and M come with different types of carabiner hooks. S has a lighter wire-gate carabiner, which fits perfectly with smaller dogs. M comes with a twist-lock carabiner.
What type of leash do I need to connect the Touring Bungee Double?
Touring Double is developed to fit any leash. The advantage of our leashes and bungees is that they all have a free-spinning carabiner. If the dogs are crossing over each other, the carabiner spins, and you avoid having twisted leashes.
Why is there no hook on the Touring Double?
There is no hook, because Touring Double is designed to extend a leash, most of which already come with a hook. This also eliminates extra weight in the middle of the leash.
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