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Torsten Kohnert

Torsten loves the outdoors and dogs, especially the nordic nature. Dogsledding came just with th…

Story of Torsten

05 August 1971

Torsten loves the outdoors and dogs, especially the nordic nature. Dogsledding came just with that kind of lifestyle. On top of all that he likes the challenges coming along with this sport. “You're a lot of times in the hands of mother nature and depending on your for legged buddies”. 
His goals for the future is to keep his dogs healthy and get a little better every year. “As a musher you never stop learning. Most of all have fun and do a good job with our dogs”. Now his daughter, Ida, also have started racing and they run the kennel and goes to races together. Their goals are to continue and hopefully expand their race kennel in Alaska.


My dogs


Alaska Husky06 January 2011

Jill was born as a single puppy, and did her first Finnmark 1000 in 2013, after that she was the leader of Torsten’s team in 6 yukon quest 1000 miles and all other races he did. In addition to that she finished 4 Iditarods with some of my Torsten’s friends. She was never dropped from a race. “This dog would go through hell and back for me. Probably my once in a lifetime leader”. 


Yukon quest 2014 6 th pl , yukon Quest 2015 8 th pl , yukon quest 2016 6 th pl , yukon quest 2017 6 th pl , yukon Quest 2019 7 th pl , Copper basin 2014 13 th pl , copper Basin 2016 10 th pl , copper basin 2019 11 th pl and some others all in Alaska.

He was also awarded for best care of dogs copper Basin 2016, Award, challenge of the North yukon Quest 2017. 

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