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Anette Dahl

Anette got into hunting because of her father. “He took me hunting ever since I was a child. I h…

Story of Anette

04 February 1991

Anette got into hunting because of her father. “He took me hunting ever since I was a child. I have always been fascinated by wild game. Hunting make the relationship with nature very strong”. 

Hunting for Anette makes her able to challenge herself. “I can use my instinct and challenge my body and my mind. I am a very restless person and need to be active, I am also very curious so searching for adventure in nature make my mind calm”. 

Her goal for the future is to get a moose bull together with a Jamthund. Her best achievement so far is shooting a moose together with her dog, Alia. Anette lives with her dog on a farm, and work as a teacher. “I teach hunting and wildlife and Alia is with me teaching students about hunting with dogs”. 


My dogs


Jamthund12 May 2016

Alia is a young hunting dog who is doing very well. She is a good tracker and find moose most of the time she has the chance. “We shot the first moose for Alia in 2018, and in 2019 I, Anette, got to shoot the first one myself with her.

She is my only dog, and a perfect friend. She is kind, smart and she is cozy. We share much time together and she is always by my side”.


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