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The biggest fear of any dog owner is losing their dog in an accident. We know this feeling very well. Therefore, we created the Protector-series.

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Products for Safety



Innovative solutions, 3M reflection, and high quality is standard for all products in this series. In this category, you also find products that protect the dog in other ways, for example, in water or on rough surfaces.


Dog owners have different needs. We have tried to think outside the box to solve as many of these needs as possible. The result is high-quality gear with smart features — all to make you and your dog a bit safer. 



Are you going on a hike in the dark, hunting or swimming? We have many products developed to create security for both you and your dog. 

Avoid dangerous situations can by being prepared with the right equipment. 

To consider our dog’s safety is something all dog owners have in common. It is essential for us that the dog is safe in the different activities. 


Dogs and humans alike should have activity-specific protection; we always consider safety when developing our products. We also have a specific Safety product line where all of our teams’ experience has gone into the design. These products will reduce the risk for both dog and owner. 

In what activities do I have to take extra care of my dog when it comes to safety?

When it is starting to get dark outside, the “Reflection Blanket” will significantly increase the dog’s visibility.

Are you going hunting with your dog? The Protector Vest will protect your dogs’ chest when running at high speed in rough terrain. It also provides high visibility; for both you as the owner and other hunters. 

If you are out on a boat or swimming with your dog, the “Safe Life Jacket” will make the dog a lot more comfortable in the water. The life jacket improves any dog’s ability to swim, encourages better swimming technique, and gives high visibility when your dog is in the water. 

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