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We cooperate with top athletes within several dog sports. Everyone highlights everyday life with their dogs as essential to their achievements.

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To appreciate the time you spend with your dog daily is a common denominator across all levels and activities.


I love the major transition where we are no longer the new thing in a puppy's life, and for the rest of their life, we're going to be the thing that helps bridge the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar. We're going to help interpret the world for these dogs; we're going to help them understand every new thing they see.

Dallas Seavey, four times Iditarod-winner


Dogs are pack animals, and naturally become a part of the family - no matter if that family consists of the two of you or a whole pack. Throughout day and night, you share experiences and routines which will provide both safety and joy for every day.

It is no coincidence why dogs are called man's best friend. Research shows that dogs play an essential role in satisfying our needs for friendship, connection, and love. They are our biggest supporters, share their joy of life, and are training buddies during hectic days. To share life with a dog benefits your health in several ways, for example by reducing stress and encourage you to be more active.


Having not only a human partner but also an animal partner enriches life. You can see it in the eyes of a child working with an animal, touching an animal, or kissing an animal – it's crazy.

Tom Andres, World champion, sprint and mid-distance mushing


Dogs are dependent upon us and deserve nothing but the best. That goes for the food we give them, the care they get, and the gear they wear.

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