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If you like speed and adrenaline, biking or kickbiking with your dog could be the perfect activity for you! It is a good alternative if you can not run, but still want your dog to enjoy the pleasure of running.

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These activities involve high speed. That places great demands on the gear, both when it comes to safety and durability. In addition to this, the equipment must be functional and comfortable for the dog. We had all these things in mind when designing gear for biking. For example, we have solid, elastic lines that absorb abrupt pulls for both you and your dog, even in rough terrain.

We planned for everything and left nothing to chance. Every little detail has a purpose.



If you are a person who loves high speed and dogs, you should try out bicycling with a dog; this is called bikejoring.

With some precautions, the right gear, and control, you will have a lot of fun together. 

One method is to have the dog run in front while being attached to the handlebars. This activity will create a strong bond between you and your dog because you need trust in the dog, and the dog must listen to your commands. Having control will increase security for both you and your dog, and for other people along the way. 


Bikejoring is fun, but also a good workout for both of you. Make sure to adjust the pace and distance to your dog and also choose a smooth surface to take care of the dog’s paws.


Most dogs can join bicycling. 

We recommend adjusting speed and length to the dog’s limits. Too high speed will injure the dog. Remember to warm-up ahead of the session and cool down your dog after bicycling to prevent injuries. 

Adjust the workout to how hot it is outside. Pay attention to your dog to make sure it will not overheat. 

To read more about overheating: 


Bikejoring is an activity where the dog works with a high pulling point. We recommend the Freemotion Harness or the Combined Harness. The difference is that combined harness is reinforcement with battens around the neck to give more support.

Bungee Leash gives you and your dog a comfortable trip, because of good elasticity in the bungee. If you have a small-sized dog or a dog that does not pull as much, the Touring Bungee is a good alternative. 

When bicycling with a dog in front, the bungee can get tangled in the front wheel. To avoid this, we developed the Bike Antenna. The Bike Antenna will prevent the bungee from getting caught in the front wheel by lifting the bungee. The Bike Antenna makes biking with your dog safer.

With intense activities, it is essential to take care of your dog’s paws. Booties and Pawcare ointment will help prevent cracks/wounds. 

Remember to take care of yourself when biking with your four-legged friend. Glasses, helmet, and gloves will protect you. 

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