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Pro warm jacket

Pro warm jacket

Winter jacket insulating the dog's large muscle groups. It has a windproof and water-repelling shell and a soft inner fleece lining. Sizes range from small to large dog breeds.
DKK 599.00 - DKK 675.00

A warm winter jacket that has pockets over the shoulders specifically for heat packets. Stretch material on the chest increases freedom of movement. Pro warm jacket has a very good fit because it covers the big muscle groups. The leg straps ensure that the jacket will not slip. In addition, a leash can be put through a dedicated loop, to keep the jacket from blowing over when it is windy. A half harness can be worn underneath the Pro warm jacket and still be attached to a leash through an opening. From size 40 and up, there is also an opening on the neck part for collar attachment. The tall and protective collar protects well against wind and cold but can buttoned down for better mobility and ventilation. The dog jacket easily packs into the included small bag for transport and storage.

Pro warm jacket is black with blue details and reflective prints. It is available in sizes ranging from 24 to 70 centimeters. If your dog is between sizes, we recommend you choose the bigger size.

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Size Chart

SizeBack length
2421-24 cm
2724-27 cm
3027-30 cm
3330-33 cm
3633-36 cm
4036-40 cm
4540-45 cm
5045-50 cm
5550-55 cm
6055-60 cm
6560-65 cm
7065-70 cm
Size24 27 30 33 36 40 45 50 55 60 65 70
Back length21-24 cm24-27 cm27-30 cm30-33 cm33-36 cm36-40 cm40-45 cm45-50 cm50-55 cm55-60 cm60-65 cm65-70 cm

Technical Specifications

  • Ripstop
  • Fleece
  • Synthetic thermal insulation
  • Reflective materials

Dimensions Pro warm jacket

Weight (carrying bag included)136 g170 g169 g190 g201 g225 g266 g317 g380 g425 g-503 g
SizeWeight (carrying bag included)
24136 g
27170 g
30169 g
33190 g
36201 g
40225 g
45266 g
50317 g
55380 g
60425 g
70503 g

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