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Bike antenna

Bike antenna

This Bikejoring antenna keeps the dog´s bungee leash from tangling into the front wheel. For bicycles and kick bikes.
Safety is important in high speed activities; with the Bike antenna the bungee line is much less likely to tangle into the front wheel. Bike antenna fits on most bikes and is simple to assemble. It is possible to detach the antenna without dismantling the antenna mount off the bike, practical if you also use the bike without your dog. The Bike antenna is light and sturdy with a flexible base to follow the dog´s motion through corners and varying terrain.

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Technical Specifications

  • Steel spring
  • Aluminum
  • Unbraco screw


Weight: 246 g
Length: 63 cm
Opening diameter: 31.8 mm

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How should the Bike antenna be attached to the bike? Can I take the antenna off again?
The Bike antenna is designed to be mounted under the bikes stem. When not in use, it is easy to detach the antenna’s spring. Attach the bungee on the handlebar and pull it through the antenna ring and attach to the dogs’ harness. Watch video:
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