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Team Birgitte Næss

Birgitte started her dog racing career with one dog pulka. She loves dogs, training and playing …

Lugu Team Birgitte

11 April 1975

Birgitte started her dog racing career with one dog pulka. She loves dogs, training and playing outside. Then she continued with sled sprint. She still has a track record in Alaska. The she looked for more challenges and ended up with big teams and longdistanse mushing. Thru the years Birgitte is the only dogmusher in the world that has manage to take national gold medal in all winther disipliner in the sport. 

Kristoffer started as a handler to Robert Sørlie. He has won alot of races and managed to be rookie of the year in both Finnmarkrace and Femundrace. “This sport means everything for us! It is a lifestyle. The dogs are our life, our best friends and our family”. Their goal for the future is to win Finnmarkrace 1200 km and Femundrace 650 km. They have two second places in both races from earlier.


My dogs


Alaska husky15 May 2014

“The best and the badest dog in the kennel. He can easily take you to the moon if needed, but he can also crash everything in a minute. He got his name as a small puppy, strange how they often live up to their names!”


  • EM gold sprint ‘98
  • 2 x WM gold skijouring Alaska 2000.
  • NM gold pulkastyle several times. 
  • NM gold sled sprint 
  • NM gold middistance sprint
  • NM gold long distance several times. 
  • 2 x 2 place Finnmarkrace 1000/1200km
  • 2 x 2 place Femundrace 650.
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