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Freeze dried tripe

Freeze dried tripe

Freeze-dried tripe made from Norwegian cattle. Freeze-drying food conserves it for a long time and makes it easy to store and transport. This dog food is excellent for dog owners on the move. The dog food tastes great and is a popular choice among hunters and mushers. Feeding guide: Example for dogs weighing 20 kg. Recommended feeding, days of normal activity: 80 grams freeze-dried tripe, 250 grams dry food Recommended feeding, days of high activity: Estimate based on dog burning approximately 500 calories per hour during high activity, such as hunting or similar: Increase the quantity of tripe in addition to the fundamental food by about 80 grams per hour of training and add ½ liter of water. Best before: 24 months from the packing date

technische Spezifikationen

  • 649 Kalorien je 100 Gramm.
  • Nettogewicht 800 Gramm (entspricht 3,6 Kilo frischem Pansen).
  • Mindestens haltbar bis: 24 Monate nach Verpackungsdatum.

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