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Which hands-free dog belt should I choose?

When looking for a hip belt, a belt that fits the activities you are doing with your dog and has a good fit is essential, especially if you have a dog that is pulling hard on the lead.

When your dog pulls, the power transfers to your body through the belt, therefore ergonomic design is crucial. A good hip belt will spread the pressure over a larger area and be gentle on your back. A belt should sit low to distribute the force over your hips and bum. If a belt sits too high, you risk back and body pain.

We recommend you to use a belt with leg straps. These straps will prevent the belt from sliding out of position. All our belts come with legs straps as standard. These straps can be removed on some of our belts if you prefer a hip belt without leg straps.

Different activities demand different features from your gear. That is why we have developed both all-in-one belts and belts specifically designed for running or skiing with dogs. 

Hip belts for multi-use or hiking with dogs 

We have developed two versatile belts that work just as well for a hands-free walk in the city as trekking in the mountain with your dog. You can extend both belts with a Belt Bag to carry a camera, bottle, snacks, and other essentials.

Magazine Ferd Belt In Use With Belt Bag Cms

The Ferd Belt is a broad and comfortable hip belt that distributes the force your dog creates over a large area. On each side, there are D-rings where a pulka can be attached. This robust and highly technical belt has been used for expeditions under extreme conditions. Your dog's line connects to the belt with a Twistlock carabiner, which prevents your dog from getting out of the lead and running off.

The Trekking Belt is a basic hip belt for various activities with dogs. Bungee or leash goes through a D-ring before attaching over an open hook. This belt can be used for all activities, like hiking, running, bicycling or skiing with dogs. The belt is soft and padded for your comfort.

Hip belts for running or skiing with dogs

The CaniX Belt is a super-light and comfortable belt developed for running with dogs, also known as canicross.

This belt should sit low to take the strain off your lower back and promote good running technique.

Canix Cms

Your dog's bungee is attached to a sliding carabiner which follows your dog's movement in turns and varied terrain, providing equal pressure on your hips even if the dog is pulling off-center.

The Løype Belt is explicitly made for skiing with dogs. The shape of this belt gives your hips free movement for skating, which facilitates optimal skiing technique even with a dog pulling you. 


The attachment point for your bungee is static and should lie close to your body to make it easier to maintain balance while skiing. The bungee is attached to a Panic Snap Carabiner, which is a quick-release to detach the dog or extra safety.

Which hands-free belt should I choose if my dog and I are active throughout the year?

If you want only one belt for all activities, the versatile Trekking Belt could be your ideal choice.

If you are an active runner or skier, we will recommend CaniX Belt for running and Løype Belt for skiing. 

If you are hiking or trekking, or have strong dogs that require a solid belt, we recommend the Ferd Belt. 

Can I go skiing with CaniX Belt or run with Løype Belt?

It is possible, of course, but we recommend to use the hip belts for the activities they are designed for as they have different features. 

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