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Which hands-free dog belt should I choose?

A hip belt allows you to move with your hands free when walking, running, or skiing with your dog.

You should choose a hip belt that is suitable for the activities you are doing with your dog. Regardless of the belt you choose, it is crucial that the belt is ergonomically designed and adjustable, especially if you have a dog that is pulling hard. When your dog pulls, the force transfers to your body through the belt. A good belt will distribute the dog’s pulling force over a larger area and be gentle on your back.

How should my belt sit?

Despite often being referred to as “waist belts”, belts made for hiking, running and skiing with dogs should sit low in order to distribute the force over your hips and bum. If the belt sits too high, you risk back pain and other injuries.

Canix gif

We recommend that you use a belt with leg straps. These straps will prevent your belt from sliding out of position. All of our belts come with leg straps as standard. These straps are removable on some of our belts if you prefer to use belts without leg straps.

Different activities demand different features from your gear. That is why we have developed both all-in-one belts and belts specifically designed for canicross and skijoring with dogs.

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Walking and hiking belts

The Trekking belt has everything you need for daily walks with your dog. The belt is padded and comfortable to wear and can even be used for running or skiing with dogs. You can attach light items such as dog waste bags or your leash to the two loops on the sides. If more storage is needed, the belt can be expanded with a matching Trekking belt bag which has room for a water bottle, food, camera, phone or other essentials.

Trekking Belt Setting (2) (2)

The Ferd belt is an ideal choice if you often find yourself outdoors on longer trips with your dog and need high-quality equipment that offers a bit more than regular belts. This ergonomic belt distributes your dog’s pulling force over a wide area. The Ferd belt is a robust and highly technical belt that has been used for expeditions under extreme conditions.

Ferd Belt Summer 2020 25 (1) L

Your dog's line connects to the belt with a screw-lock carabiner, which keeps your leash secure and prevents your dog from running off. The carabiner has a 300 kg load rating. The Ferd belt also has attachment points for a pulk and loops to attach light items. If extra storage is needed, you can attach a Ferd belt bag.

Canicross belts

The CaniX belt was developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best athletes in the sport and designed specifically for running with dogs.

This super-light and breathable running belt is comfortable to use in all temperatures and has been designed to promote good running technique.

Your dog’s bungee leash is attached to a screw-lock carabiner. The carabiner moves on a loop on the front of the belt allowing the leash to follow your dog’s movement. This design allows pressure to be distributed equally on your hips even if your dog is pulling off-center or when cornering, making it easier to maintain balance and contact with your dog.

The CaniX belt is highly adjustable. You can customize the belt to your body and personal preferences.

The versatile Trekking belt can also be used for canicross if you prefer a padded belt when running with your dog.

Skiing belts

The Løype belt was developed in cooperation with some of the world’s best skijoring and biathlon athletes and was designed specifically for cross country skiing with dogs. The shape of this skiing belt gives your hips free movement for skating, which facilitates optimal skiing technique even with a dog pulling you.

 Dx32107 (1)

The attachment point for your bungee line is static and lies close to your body to make it easier to maintain balance while skijoring. Your line is attached to a Quick release snap hook, making it possible to quickly detach your dog if needed.

Our unique three-layer material combination HexiVent makes the belt highly breathable and lightweight.

While the Løype belt has been developed for competition, the Ferd belt is an excellent choice for longer trips and expeditions on skis. Its ergonomic and durable design provide added comfort and strength.

Polar, Ferd & Protector Snow 3 (1)

It is also possible to use the Trekking belt for skiing. This padded belt attaches easily to the dog’s line with a hook and a D-ring for added security. The Ferd belt bag or the Trekking belt bag can be attached to the respective belts if additional storage is needed.

Why choose Non-stop dogwear?

We have been developing gear for active dogs and their humans since 2009. As dogsport athletes, making ergonomic, innovative and functional equipment is essential.

We team up with athletes and professionals to test each product to the limit under the most extreme conditions for your safety and comfort. We believe that all dogs deserve the best, no matter if they are a family dog or a world champion in their sport. Our passion is to facilitate and encourage an active lifestyle for dogs and their owners.

Our product developers carefully select durable, functional and environmentally friendly materials. We are the world’s first pet brand to become bluesign® system partners to ensure that our dog gear meets the highest standards possible.

We focus on making long lasting products. To reach this goal, many factors play an important role in a product's life cycle. We are proud to know that some of our athletes have been using the same harness for nearly a decade! That is possible due to our high quality and functionality standards but also because we provide replaceable parts like side straps and clips. If you choose to upgrade to a newer version of the product, give your old harness a new life with a different owner so that it gets many more years of use. We also gather up used gear and provide it to, for example, dog shelters and young athletes.

If you want to know more about us, get the latest news about our products and become a part of our community, you can sign up for our newsletter!

Frequently asked questions

Can I go skiing with the CaniX belt or run with the Løype belt?

You can use the belts for multiple activities, but for optimal performance we recommend using the hip belts for the activities they were designed for, as they have different features. The CaniX belt is designed for sagittal movement, while the Løype belt is designed to give your hips free space to move sideways when skating.

I have strong dogs! Which belt should I choose?

If you have one or more dogs that pull hard and that require a very strong belt, we recommend the Ferd belt. This belt is made from durable materials with a secure screw lock carabiner rated to hold 300 kg.

Do you have spare parts for the belts?

Yes. We offer a variety of spare parts for our belts, including buckles, front pieces and carabiners.

I like the belt but prefer a different attachment point for my leash. Can I switch?

Yes. You can switch the attachment points for the CaniX belt, the Løype belt and the Ferd belt. These belts come with one standard attachment point that can easily be replaced to suit your needs. The other options are not included, but you can find the other carabiners and hooks in our spare parts section.

How do I find the right size?

To find the perfect fit, measure your hip circumference and fill in your measurements in the size finder on each product’s page. There you will also find detailed dimensions of the belt.

Can my partner and I use the same belt?

Our belts can easily be adjusted to fit different bodies. You can find the maximum/minimum measurements and dimensions for each size on the product page.

Can I use a Belt bag with my belt?

The Ferd belt bag is compatible with the Ferd belt and the Trekking belt, with the color matching the Ferd belt. The Trekking belt bag is compatible with the Trekking belt and the Ferd belt, with the colors matching the Trekking belt. The belt bags do not fit the CaniX belt or the Løype belt.


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