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Gifts for dog mushers

Gifts for dog mushers

Who loves winter more than dog mushers? This is the time of year where you can enjoy the sight of happy dogs running in front of you through beautiful landscapes. Disconnecting from the rest of the world and just enjoying the moment. To be able to do this, having the right gear for yourself and your dogs are essential. And - when having many dogs, there is always something you need...


Dallas Stickharness 18

Sleddogs need proper fitting harnesses developed for the purpose of pulling heavy loads. Nansen nome harness is a traditional x-back harness designed for dogs pulling on a gangline, where the pull is in line or below the dog`s back. The pulling-harness is designed to let your dog perform optimally without restrictions on movement or breath. For the rearmost dogs in the team, or dogs prone to back and hip strain, the Nansen stick harness is the best choice. This harness was developed to put less load on your dog’s hind.

Warm mittens

Votta Setting Fullres (2)

Staying warm is essential for both comfort and safety reasons when mushing with dogs. Your hands are exposed on the sled, but with extremely warm mittens like our Votta you will not freeze. There is room for your regular gloves underneath.

Multifunctional anorak

The perfect outer layer for dog mushers! Tundra anojakka is a versatile winter jacket for extreme conditions, co-developed with Alaskan musher and four-time Iditarod winner, Dallas Seavey. This jacket has multiple isolated and un-isolated pockets for storing clothes, snacks or dog booties. Drawstrings on the sides allow you to adjust temperature and mobility.

Dog sleeping mat

Nonstopsleepingmat (4 Of 6) 2

High-quality rest is essential for sleddogs. They might be bred to withstand the roughest conditions, but a comfortable place to sleep will maximize your dog’s restitution. Musher sleeping mat is a light-weight and thin dog sleeping mat. It stays dry and does not absorb water.

Bags for equipment

Finnmarksløpet 2020 Hr 15

Stay organized with bags specially made for dog mushers! Musher depot bag is a durable rolltop bag for storing supplies underway in long-distance races. This bag has big white fields for marking the bag's content. If you need to store or carry more gear, the 207-liter Musher checkpoint bag is an ideal choice. This massive bag has compartments on the inside and a PVC bottom, making it easy to drag on snow.

Dog booties

8q3a9089 3

Sled dogs cover great distances during training and racing. To protect their paws you can use booties. Long distance booties are light socks providing your dog with excellent contact with the surface. There is room for the toes to move naturally, and the elastic velcro ensures the bootie fits any dog and sits well on their paws.

Warm racing jacket

 Mg 4530

In cases of extreme cold or when resting, a jacket will provide your dog with extra comfort. The Long distance jacket is used by professionals in the world's toughest sled dog races, performing in extreme temperatures reaching -50 Celsius. It is easy to take the jacket on and off the dogs, also when harnessed. The jacket is fitted and designed to let the dogs move freely, and provides exceptional insulation of the chest, shoulders, thighs, and stomach. An optional cover can be mounted to protect genitals. A reflective loop on the neck makes it easy to observe how the dogs move when its dark. On the back, there is a loop to guide the pulling line through; this holds the jacket in place under windy conditions.

Robust dog collar

In rough conditions, all gear must be solid and functional. Every detail counts - even for a dog collar. The Polar collar is a heavy-duty dog collar developed for mushing. It comes with an extra big stainless steel ring, making it easy to attach a line even when wearing mittens in winter.

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