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Norgesjakt Silje & Ole Morten

It was a coincidence that Ole got into the sport, he took over a dog from his brother and fell i…

Norgesjakts Geschichte

23 May 1990

It was a coincidence that Ole got into the sport, he took over a dog from his brother and fell in love with the connection and cooperation between the hunter and dog.

Silje grew up with huntingdogs and got the passion from her father. She loves the opportunities and experiences the dogs give her and can’t imagine a life without them.

“It’s our life. Our dogs are always a priority, and we bring them around the country to do what they love, and what we love, to hunt and compete”.

“One of our goals for the future is to win the Norwegian championship. That would be the top of our wish list. But our main goal is to breed healty and good huntingdogs”.


Meine Hunde

Turbekken's Kjapp

English setter15 May 2016

Kjapp is from kennel Turbekken’s, to Ivar and Randi Rødsjø. 

He is a very stable dog and is growing to be a good huntingdog. He is one of few english setters that has the old wind use as the original breed, and this makes him a really good seeker. He has CERT on exterior exhibition, so he is a very handsome guy! A fun fact about Kjapp is that he did his first point when he was only 4 month, and got his first grouse when he was 6 month.

“He was my (Ole) first puppy, and is definitely the best hunting dog that I ever had!”


  • Norwegian Derby Finale 2017(rank nr3)
  • 1AK Fosenprøven 2018
  • 1VK m/CK Namdalsprøven 2019
  • CACIT Finale NESK Prøven høst 2019
  • 3AK Fosenprøven Vinter 2015
  • 3UK Snåsaprøven Høst 2016
  • 2UK NM Høyfjell Høst 2016
  • 2 x 2UK Fosenprøven Vinter 2017
  • 1UK Lifjellprøven 2017
  • 2UK NM Vinter Andøya 2017
  • 1UK Fosenprøven Vinter 2018
  • 2AK NESK Prøven 2018
  • 1AK Fosenprøven Vinter 2019
  • 5 VK Finale Namdalsprøven 2019
  • CACIT Finale Verdalsprøven Vinter 2019
  • Semi Finale NM Vinter Andøya 2019
  • CACIT Finale Lifjellprøven Vinter 2019
  • Finale Fosenprøven Høst 2019
  • CACIT Finale Snåsaprøven 2019

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