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Eli Beate Sæther

Eli Beate started with dog agility in 2008, when she was 12 years old. Her mum had signed up for…

Eli Beates Geschichte

30 August 1995

Eli Beate started with dog agility in 2008, when she was 12 years old. Her mum had signed up for a dog agility seminar in her hometown, Trysil. She asked if Eli Beate wanted to go with her, and she answered "yes"!

“I really fell in love with the sport, even though I didn't have the easiest dog at the moment, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Todd. He was more interested in everything else than my toys and treats in training. I guess this had something to do with my knowledge about dog training, and after some years we gradually grew together as a team”. 

After that time, Eli Beate have had four shetland sheepdogs that she has been actively training with: Siraja, Zelda, Insta, Easy.

“In 2020 I expect a new sheltie-puppy from Germany, and I am looking forward to the coming years with this little pack!"

 “The sport  made me grow - as a dog trainer, as a team member, as an athlete, as a public speaker, as an instructor, as a family member, as a girlfriend, as a classmate, as a colleague - it has made me grow as a person. It has transformed me from a very shy introvert in most social settings, to a more confident extrovert in many situations”.

Eli Beate's goals for the future are to be able to get the full potential out of her dogs and herself in the sport, and always make sure that the teams health and knowledge is the number one priority.

“It would also be amazing to help other people around the world to be able to do the same with their dogs”. 



Meine Hunde


Shetland Sheepdog28 June 2013

“Zelda is one in a million. I knew I wanted her before she was even born. When the breeder finally gave me the message that I would get her - I was in ecstasy. She knows for sure what she wants and how she wants it in daily life, but she is for sure a pleaser when training - always longs to understand and do her best. She has always been a smart, mature and serious dog - and is strict to the details". 

When Eli Beate qualified for the Norwegian national team for her very first time it was together with Zelda in 2016, and they have been qualified ever since. In their debut their very first Agility World Championship in 2016, they were one bar down to win the gold medal.

“A fun fact about Zelda is that she has her own chair at the dinner table when we are back home at my parents or parents-in-law”. 



  • 3. place overall, Agility World Championship, Czech Republic, 2017
  • in jumping small individual, Agility World Championship, Spain, 2016
  • in jumping small individual, Agility World Championship, Czech Republic, 2017
  • in overall small individual, Agility World Championship, Czech Republic, 2017
  • in overall small, Gåsahoppet, Sweden, 2017
  • in overall small, Dania cup, Denmark, 2017
  • in overall small, Finoia cup, Denmark, 2019
  • in overall small individual, European Open, Netherlands, 2019
  • in team small, Nordic Championship, Denmark, 2019

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