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K9s For Camo Virtual Race

We would love for you to join us in a virtual race! At K9s For Camo, we love dogs! So, we are giving you the chance to run or walk with your dog if you choose.
First, a little bit about K9s For Camo: We empower and support our military veterans by providing service dogs to mitigate the effects of PTSD, as well as to assist with a wide range of physical challenges. We not only save dogs’ lives, we give them a new path in life. They, in turn, inspire and empower those they touch along their K9s For Camo journey. Our inmate trainers gain marketable occupational experience, as well as develop life skills that enable them to choose better paths for their future. Now more than ever, our veterans can use the support a service dog can provide, and COVID has put up many roadblocks to training the dogs and spending time with our veterans. As we work to continue to meet the needs of our veteran friends, we want to provide you and your pup with the chance to get involved with our organization in a fun way! The beauty of a virtual event is that we are able to connect with friends all over the world who share our love for dogs, staying active, and helping others. You can learn more or donate to K9s for camo here: https://k9sforcamo.org/donate/
Here’s how the virtual race works:
First, decide what category you would like to do. Can’t decide? Do both!
• Canicross (With Dog): Distance of 5k
• On Your Own (No Dog): Distance of 5k
You don’t need to register in advance. On the the designated weekend in April, participate in one of the two categories above (or both). You’ll need to track your distance and provide a screenshot from Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, etc. Be sure it laps out at the exact distance so we can accurately record your time in case you run a bit further. You can choose the route you’d like to run. So, please remember not everyone is competing on the same terrain, course, elevation, etc. Just have fun!
Send an email to joyw@k9sforcamo.org by 8:00PM CDT (UTC-5:00) with the following information (If you do both categories, you can send one email, just be sure to provide 2 separate entries):
1. First and Last Name
2. Division (Canicross or On Your Own)
3. Gender
4. Country
5. Dog’s Name and Breed
6. Time
7. Screenshot from Garmin, Strava, etc to show your time.
Joy Weis
Canicross 5k
Oso (Husky Mix)
(Garmin/Strava/etc Screenshot)
Joy Weis
On Your Own 5k
No Dog
(Garmin/Straava/etc Screenshot)
All results received by 8:00PM CDT (UTC-5:00) will be calculated and posted here within a few days!
We trust you will put the health and safety of your dog first. We ask that you ensure you have proper and safe gear for them. Please be mindful of the outdoor temperature as well.
We would love for you to take photos and share them using #k9sforcamovirtualrace
You’re welcome to post your results here as well so others can see all the fun you had!
PS – We love selfies with your dog.
A suggested donation of $10 USD (or an amount of your choice) to support K9s For Camo can be made here:
Thank you for supporting our organization as we work to help our local rescue dogs, inmates, and veterans. We hope you have fun.

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