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The ultimate outdoor anorak

Dressing for long days out in nature can be a challenge as weather can change throughout the day. It demands a lot from your clothing, especially during autumn and winter.

- Functional clothing is critical for days with rain, wind and cold temperatures. If you are spending the day outside, your primary needs have to be covered. You will not have a pleasant experience if you are freezing. I never get cold in Forest anojakka. This warm anorak also have several functional details that will enhance your experience, says Anette Dahl.

She works with outdoor teaching in Norway. She also spends most of her spare time in nature with her Swedish elkhound Aila.

- In our area, there are dense forests and hilly terrain. That means I need gear and clothing that is robust and provides freedom of movement. It should also be versatile and possible to use both in warm and colder temperatures.

Forest anojakka is a long anorak primarily designed for warmt, but it can easily be adjusted for full freedom of movement and ventilation. A unique cord system lifts the bottom half of the anorak to your desired length with one pull.

Silent and waterproof 

This parka is made with a silent brushed polyester shell to prevent scaring animals away. Buttons instead of hook and loop fasteners and webbing cuff adjustments also reduce noise. An integrated sitting pad allows you to sit when you spot an animal, without having to take a sitting pad out of your backpack.

Forest anojakka 2.0

Outdoor clothing should also be wind- and waterproof. Forest anojakka has a 30.000 mm water column and excellent breathability; 20.000 g/m2/24hrs.

- We have to rely on our clothing in rough conditions in the forest or mountains, says Rune Fossum. 

He’s working with dogs full time and has 14 dogs at home. They spend hours outside every day all year round.

- We have used anojakka frequently the past two years, and it is a fantastic piece of clothing! What I like most about it is the length, making it easier to stay warm.

Practical details

He also likes the big and spacious adjustable hood. For the upgraded Forest anojakka 2.0, the hood has an integrated peak, and when adjusted, it follows your movement when turning your head, giving you full range of view at all times.

Forest anojakka 2.0 - look-out

Anette’s favorite feature is the pockets. Forest anojakka 2.0 is equipped with two chest pockets for radio and GPS. You also have two large kangaroo pockets for storing your gear. The first pocket can be opened from both sides and also has an internal zipper to access items under the jacket. The second smaller pocket is accessed from the top and is great for smaller items or valuables.

Our product developers have a passion for developing functional, durable and innovative products for active dogs and their owners. They are active with dogs and spend a lot of time outdoors themselves, giving them first-hand experience with the importance of reliable equipment.

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