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Dare to be different!

Dare to be different!

Rachel Pohl and Charles Post sold their home, cars, and most of what they owned and moved across the ocean from Montana, USA to Lofoten in Northern Norway with their samoyed Knute and cat Hannah.

- It’s definitely been a time of immense transformation and growth for us. Flying across the ocean with Knute and with our cat Hannah was definitely a leap of faith, a trust exercise. We ultimately ended up moving to Lofoten because we had visited here in 2019, and just absolutely fell in love with it, so coming here it was just a really logical, natural fit. So much nature, few people, access to trails, places where Knute can go and explore with us. It just felt like home I think the first time we came here.

After getting Knute as a puppy, the couple went from travelling full-time to being with him full-time.

- We spent so much time introducing him to our world and letting him meet our greater backyard. I think he totally transformed our entire life. Knute really taught us to slow down, and notice and appreciate more. Especially when he was young, we couldn’t go on these either long trips or super big adventures in the mountains and he taught us to just enjoy small walks in our neighborhood. The smaller adventures that we wouldn’t have the time for in the past became kind of our whole world, and just things we really looked forward to.

Rachel, Charles and KnutePhoto by Rachel Pohl & Charles Post

Both Rachel and Charles are passionate about the environment, protecting our ecosystems and living an active life outdoors.

Before, the definition of success was owning a house with a studio space. Now, success is that they have created this life where they get to spend so much time outside.

Colorful cooperation

Rachel is an artist and adventurer. Charles is an ecologist, filmmaker and environmental brand consultant.

With the love for dogs, nature and colors it was natural for us to ask Rachel for our first ever collaboration with an artist for the launch of the Freemotion harness 5.0 LTD. We asked Rachel to create a unique headband to match the harness.

- The artwork on this headband was inspired by one our favorite mountain ranges in Norway. It’s actually in the same region as Non-stop dogwear headquarters. It was amazing being able to go to headquarters and actually work on some of the design process with the team and we just absolutely love being a part of the brand and Knute looks quite adorable in this limited edition harness. He does look really good! We’ve been using Non-stop gear for years now and absolutely love it. It’s really fun having super colorful harness on Knute, because I absolutely love colors in case you didn’t notice, and now I get to match him, so it’s pretty special, Rachel says.

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