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Gifts for biking with dogs

Dogs love to run, and with a bike, it is possible for us to keep up with them! Bikejoring is a fun activity that can be done as a hobby or at a professional level. No matter what your ambitions are, having the right gear is essential for both comfort, safety and performance. 

Bike antenna 

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Safety is important when biking with dogs. A potential danger is the line getting tangled in your front wheel. To prevent this, you should use a bike antenna. If you also use your bike without a dog, you can choose the Bike antenna KLICKfix that detaches with a simple click. 


Your dog can’t choose its own harness; therefore, it is important that you find the right one for him or her. The Freemotion harness is specifically designed for activities with a high pulling point, such as bikejoring. This pulling-harness allows your dog’s shoulders to move freely and provides minimal breath constraint thanks to the Y-shape. This dog harness has been used to win championships several times, but it is still a harness for everyone with an active dog. It is available in sizes from 2-10, and can be adjusted for optimized fit. 

Biking line 

When biking or scootering your equipment is connected to your dog with a line. This line should be elastic to absorb shock, providing comfort and being gentle to both your and your dog’s back. The Bungee leash is developed specifically for sports like bikejoring. If you have a smaller dog, the light Touring bungee with a softer elastic part is ideal. The 2,8-meter length is perfect for biking, providing a safe distance between the wheel and your dog’s hind legs. 

Paw protection 


If you are biking on rough terrains you should consider using socks to prevent sore paws or cuts. The Protector booties are durable, cut resistant and puncture resistant. dipped in nitrile rubber for extra protection. The fabric is dipped in rubber, making these booties water-resistant and providing your dog with a good grip even on slippery surfaces. 

Make a training plan 

If you want to compete in bikejoring, creating a training plan is beneficial. Spend some time learning from the best in the sport before setting up your own goals. When you know your goal, you can identify each step that needs to be done to get there.  

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