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Team Leegard

Team Leegard

The three Leegaard girls; Maren, Ylva and Ronja started with sled dog sports because of their gr…

Příběh Team


The three Leegaard girls; Maren, Ylva and Ronja started with sled dog sports because of their grandfather, Roger Leegaard. Leegard is a well known name in the sled dog sport community. 

We got into this beautiful sport because of our grandfather Roger Leegaard. He took us to a mid-distance race called Norway Trail in 2013. After seeing all the teams and trying out some skijoring we were completely in love with the sport. We got our two first dogs in 2014. After one year we had ten dogs.

The sport means a lot to the girls. 

It is an individual sport where cooperation between dog and driver is required. This bond created between dog and driver gives a very special feeling that can not be described. The sport gives us incredible experiences and memories we would never have been without. The sled dog sport is moreover a lifestyle, and it is this lifestyle we love.

Their goals for the future are top three positions in sp4 and sp6 in World and European Championships, win the Vindelälvsdraget with team Vom International and get good results in Norwegian Championships.

Team Leegaard is also considering to start in other disciplines. 

You should not be surprised if we one day start to compete in Mid distance.


My dogs



Norwegian Hound05 June 2011

Tomma is the start of our carrier, she is the mother of 70% of our dogs. She is the first dog we got and she is still going strong. She has worked as a teacher for all our young dogs. She gave us great and safe experiences both in competition and on training.

A fun fact about Tomma is that she looks like a Labrador.

Team Leegard



EC gold in SP4 2020 in Sweden

EC silver in SP4M 2020 in Sweden

WC bronse in SP4 2019 in France

WC gold in DR4J 2019 in Sweden


WC silver in DRJ4 2017 in Poland

EC gold in DRJ4 2018 in Sweden

WC silver in DR6 2019 in Sweden

Ronja: in SP6 WC 2019 Bessans

NC bronse in DS2 in 2017


Other achievements:

EC gold in relay for Norway, in Sweden 2020

2. and 3. Place in Vindelälvsdraget for team Vom International.

X Norwegian Championships medals.

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