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Team Brennodden

Ola started mushing with his father, Kjell. Kjell started with mushing as an activity for an ins…

Berättelsen om Team Brennodden

05 May 1989
Mushing, Skijöring, Biking, Scooter

Ola started mushing with his father, Kjell. Kjell started with mushing as an activity for an institution he started in 1991.  

Ola’s girlfriend, Eira, is also a part of the team. She is doing 4-dog sprint, dryland and nordic style. She has two dogs. Ola and Eira are helping each other with training the dogs and taking care of them. They will still compete in different categories. 

Father and son has shared kennel for many years. Today the kennel consists of 30 Alaskan huskies. Mushing is a tough sport that requires a lot of work. The team is helping each other to take care of both temselves and their four-legged friends.  

The sport and the dogs are a big part of our life. A homogeneous team that is responding with power and joy provides magical moments both on trips and races.

The big goals for Ola and Kjell are great results at Femund 650, Finnmark and Gausdal. Eira will focus on getting good experiences for her and the dogs, and fight for medals in the Norwegian championships. 


My dogs


Alaska husky

Candy just turned 10 years old. She thrives as a lead dog and has many great results. She is one of those dogs that always takes responsibility, and its the best when it really counts. On many last stages on races she has proven that she has a strong physique and a strong mind. For her it does not matter if she is in single lead or together with someone else. 

Her strength and self-confidence spreads to the rest of the team. She is easy to control and works hard regardless of weather and trail conditions. Ola is Candy's favorite. She is the queen of the pack, and is working best for Ola. 


Eira, ECh, Savalen, 2016, sprint 4-dog, WCh, Canada, 2017, sprint 4-dog, NCh, Combined senior, 2015, Savalen, ECh, Italia, 2018

Kjell Finnmark 1000, 2007 Finnmark 1000, 2009 Finnmark 1000, 2015
Top 10 ten years in a row at Finnmark 1000., Gausdal 200, 2019


Femund 450: and Rookie of the year in 2008, 2016, 2017, 2019 – in 2018
Finnmark 1000: and Rookie of the year in 2016 – in 2017

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