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Tessa Philippaerts
NorwayNorway / BelgiumBelgium

Tessa Philippaerts

Tessa has always loved dogs. After their first dog died her parents did not want another dog. Te…

Historien om Tessa

12 March 1992
Norway, Belgium

Tessa has always loved dogs. After their first dog died her parents did not want another dog. Tessa was having trouble finishing her track and field endurance runs since she always had to run alone. Her parents decided to buy her a dog that she could take with her so she wouldn't feel so alone when running. Some months later her family figured out that there existed races where you could run with your dog together (canicross) and thought that would be something for Tessa and her whippet, Angel. After they tried the sport for the first time, they bought all equipment they needed to do Canicross. After trying out the sport she never missed out on a race ever since.

The sport means a lot to Tessa:

“Canicross has been my main motivation in life. It has helped me to stay focused and motivated during my studies, work and hard times in life”.

She says that she is a dreamer, so she likes to make goals and work hard to reach them. Her subgoal is to always be top 5 in any championships. Her main goal will always be to win the gold medal.

“Working with dogs is like a natural antidepressant. The bond you get with your dog by training together is unbreakable and so special that it is hard to explain”.

Her goal for the future is to keep improving, keep learning, and be a better person for my dogs.

Some other relevant information about Tessa is that she writes training programs for people who want to improve in canicross and running. She travels a couple of times a year around the world to hold training camps and seminars where she talks about canicross, and people can learn how to improve, based on Tessa’s training and experiences. She is a biomedical lab technician and knows a lot about health and blood tests, and she also is a first aid worker.


Mine hunder



European sled dog08 August 2010

Tessa got Yukon at the age of 11 months in 2011 from a guy who lived in France. He had bought 3 puppies from the same litter, but decided that sled dogs were not for him. Tessa fell in love with his silly face from the moment she saw him.

“We were a perfect match. He is the most amazing sled dog I ever met, so stubborn, so fearless, so motivated. He is so tough that he does not care about any mistakes you make. He also literally only cares about running. Yukon is special to me because of his motivation, happiness, drive, attitude, fearlessness... He would never let you down, would always give all. He was like a solid rock you could always trust. He is the type of dog that would just always run good, as if he never had a bad day. He was also never sick or injured during his running career”.

Tessa ran her first world championship in Borken 2011 with Yukon, just a few months after she got him. Little did she know he would lead them to the gold medal in junior class and 2 other gold medals in elite the following editions.

“At the age of 8,5 he amazed me in 2018 bringing home bronze at the European championships in Sweden. He was still at the top running against all those young dogs. Unfortunately it was our last canicross race together. He retired half a year later after an injury and teeth problems. He will always be my champion".


Tessa Philippaerts


  • World junior champion canicross IFSS, Borken 2011
  • World champion elite canicross IFSS, Italy 2013
  • World champion elite canicross IFSS, Canada 2015
  • Vice European champion canicross elite ECF, 2012 Cirencester
  • Vice European champion canicross elite IFSS, 2013 France
  • Bronze medalist European championship IFSS, Sweden 2018.
  • 3 x Belgian champion canicross short distance
  • 1 x Belgian champion canicross long distance
  • 2 x Vice Belgian champion canicross short distance
  • 2 x first place Norwegian Championships canicross (without title)
  • 3 x Belgian champion bikejoring

Other achievements:

Track and field PR's:

  • 100m - 12"87
  • 200m - 26"46
  • 300m - 43"45
  • 400m - 60"56
  • 600m - 1'38"89
  • 800m - 2'17"61
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