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Everything you need to know about canicross gathered in one place!

Everything you need to know about canicross gathered in one place!

Canicross is a dog-powered sport where a dog and human run together in a team. Canicross is the perfect sport if you like to be active with your dog 

On this page you will find information about equipment, how to get started, interviews with professional athletes and training tips useful even for the most experienced canicross enthusiasts.

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Gear up for canicross

All you need to get started with canicross is a pulling harness for your dog, a belt for yourself and an elastic line to connect you: 

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Canicross kits

Canicross resources





Canicross videos

  • Ben Robinson athlete profile
  • Tessa athlete profile
  • Canicross 2 save me
  • CaniX open
  • Manuel Merillas
  • Q&A with canicross champion Ben Robinson

Podcast episodes about canicross

  • Tessa Philippaerts - Canicross: Best tips when running with a dog
  • Ben Robinson - How to train like the fastest duo on Earth
  • Nick & Joy - Never give up on your dog
  • Ole Einar Bjørnalen - Mental training secrets of an Olympic athlete

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What is canicross?

Canicross means cross country running with your dog. Canicross is a dog powered sport where your dog runs in front and pulls, which makes running together a lot of fun! This sport can be done both competitively and as a hobby. Canicross is good for dogs because it stimulates their need for physical and mental exercice while also strengthening the bond between the two of you.


For canicross, your dog needs a harness designed for pulling with unrestricted movement. A bungee lead connects the dog’s harness to the runner’s canicross belt. The belt allows you to run with your arms free. You also want a pair of good shoes and light, functional sportswear when doing canicross.


What age can dogs start canicross? 

You can start training for canicross with your dog when they are fully grown and fit for the challengeusually at one to two years of age. Start carefully and increase resistance and duration gradually.


How to start with canicross?

If you want to teach your dog canicross, you can reach out to your local canicross trainers and clubs. You can also start training on your own, or with a group of friends. There are many resources online that will guide you through the steps. You can, for example, sign up to our newsletter thread, with expert tips for beginners in canicross!


As canicross is a dog powered sport, your dog should learn to run in front of you and pull. When training for canicross, you should teach your dog basic skills such as line outdirectional cues and overtaking othersas well as training your dog physically using the physical training program.


If you plan to attend a canicross race, you can also practice staying calm and focused in the starting area as well as finishing at full speed.


Can I run with my dog every day? 

Even though dogs love to run, they will benefit from having a varied training program rather than running every single dayMultiple world champion in canicrossBen Robinson, does three to four harness specific sessions a week, which is often by bike or scooter.


Besides these training sessionshis dogs freerunwalk with resistanceswim and do other activities.


How far can I run with my dog every day? 

Only your dog can answer that question, as it depends on their size, body type and health. Speed, surface and weather will also affect their performance. Some dogs can run for many kilometers or miles without getting tired. Others are satisfied after a shorter distance. Always listen to and adjust to your dog when doing canicross or other activities together.


A canicross race is usually around five kilometers, but distances can be both shorter and longer.

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