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- We are constantly looking for ways to improve

Agility athlete Eli Beate Sæther has a passion for dogs and helping each individual perform at their best. With her shetland sheepdog Zelda, the biggest achievement is two 2nd places in individual at the World Championships, a bronze in combined, and many podium placements in the Nordic championships and the Norwegian championships. Eli Beate has also trained other dogs to the top level in agility.

We already knew that Eli Beate is excellent at breaking complex skills down into small pieces for her dogs to succeed and build confidence. She has talked about this topic in our podcast, Unleashed. We wanted to learn more about her training philosophy and the result you can see in this mini-documentary:

Having a fit and strong body is essential to prevent injuries in agility, as it is a high-impact sport. Eli Beate spends much time on physical training of her dogs, like running and strength training.

- I became very interested in keeping the animals healthy so that they could train and compete. That is why I decided to become a veterinarian. 

Eli Beate is surrounded by animals 24/7, and she loves it. Recently she moved to a small farm, perfect for an active life with dogs. 

- We are constantly looking for ways to improve. We moved to have space around us and have the possibility to train agility at home. Garden training has always been a huge part of being able to perform on the top level. It is often the small details that one is training in the garden that will give the big results in the end.  

However, great results are just a bonus for Eli Beate.

- The most important to me is mastering what you have been training on and getting a perfect run - as good as your dog can. The dogs always do what they think is correct and will do as good as they can. When both my dog and I manage to be in the flow, the result does not matter. Then we have done the best we can as a team, and that is the most important. The feeling you are left with cannot be described. You get ecstatic, delighted, and proud of what you and the dog have achieved together, she says.

If you want to know more about how Eli Beate is training herself and her dogs, don't miss the podcast episode!

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