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Which jacket is best for my dog?

Choosing the right rug is essential for your dog to be comfortable in any weather or temperature.

We recommend you to think through what needs your dog has when selecting a jacket. Some breeds freeze quickly and primarily need a warm dog jacket. Others have fur that gets wet, heavy, and dirty in the rain.

We have developed several dog jackets to cover most needs.

Rain jackets for dogs

We have created two rain jackets for dogs, Pro Raincoat and Beta Pro Raincoat. Both will keep your dog dry and protect against the wind. The polyester shell has a 15.000-millimeter water column. A breathable membrane inner layer ventilates the fur and reduces condensation. 

Beta Pro Raincoat has a rubberized mesh on the chest piece to prevent soaking of the belly with water flowing from the back. This dog jacket has tightening options around the neck and tail in addition to adjustments around the chest for movement optimized fit. Pro Raincoat has a slimmer fit than Beta Pro Raincoat, and can only be adjusted around the chest.

Your dog can wear a harness underneath, that can be connected to a leash through a dedicated opening on the back. From size 40 and up, Pro Raincoat has an additional opening in the neck for the collar.

Pro Raincoat is available in one color only - black. Beta Pro Raincoat comes in black with orange, purple, or blue details. Both dog jackets have reflective materials for visibility.

Pro Raincoat comes in sizes 24-70 centimeters. Beta Pro Raincoat is available from 24-90 centimeters. 

Winter jackets for dogs

We have several warm dog jackets for winter use, as the needs of a musher with dogs moving are different than the needs of someone that needs a coat for a break. 

Glacier jacket is our newest jacket and was designed to provide the dog freedom of movement. It can be used for hiking trips as well as on training runs when taking a break. It is a comfortable jacket with Synthetic insulation that keeps the dog warm on cold days.

The Glacier jacket has several cinch points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. The leg straps stop the jacket from blowing over in strong wind. It has a windproof and water-repellent outer layer and is reinforced on exposed areas for extra protection against weather and vegetation. A rubberized mesh on the chest piece stops the water from gathering under the chest. The Glacier jacket comes in three colors: blue, purple and orange/blue. This jacket is available from size 6XS to 5XL and fits both small and big dogs.

In addition to the Glacier jacket, we also have another model, the Glacier wool jacket. This has the same insulation as the Glacier jacket, but has a wool lining. Wool has a long tradition in Norway, among others because it absorbs moisture without becoming cold or feeling wet. In addition, wool has very good breathability that regulates the body temperature in both cold and warm temperatures. The wool offers high levels of comfort for the dog as well as being a sustainable material.

Just like the Glacier jacket, the Glacier wool jacket has a windproof and water repellent outer layer, and leg straps that keep the jacket in place also in strong winds. The jacket also has a rubberized netting on the side that stops the water gathering under the dog`s chest.

Glacier wool jacket comes only in black and is available from size 6XS to 5XL.

Glacier Article

In addition to this, we have to winter jackets made specifically for mushing, Blest Jacket and Long Distance Jacket. Hunters and others that need a very warm jacket for their dog also use these rugs. 

Blest Jacket is ultra-light and packable, perfect if your dog needs a jacket that is isolating well while moving or having a break in cold temperatures. 

For extreme conditions, we recommend the Long Distance Jacket. The racing jacket for dogs is optimized for both running and resting. It is used by professionals in the world's toughest sled dog races, performing in temperatures reaching -50 Celsius. 

Blest Jacket is isolated with Primaloft, while a thick layer of synthetic thermal insulation is used for the Long Distance Jacket. The Long Distance Jacket is also more durable, as it is covered with a stronger ripstop fabric.

Both rugs lock on with sturdy hook-and-loop fasteners and can be used over your dog's harness. They are lightweight to preserve the coat's natural insulation ability. The jackets provide exceptional protection of the chest, shoulders, thighs, and waist. An optional cover can be mounted to protect your dog's belly and male genitals.

Blest Jacket and Long Distance Jacket is available in four sizes, from 60-74 centimeters. Blest Jacket is blue while Long Distance Jacket is red, both with reflection.

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